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Below are some examples of broadside ballads that have been scanned, listed by their shelfmark. Click on the partial thumbnails to see the full version.

Bonnet So Blue was a popular song printed many times. Here are two versions from the Bodleian Library's Harding collection. Each is adapted for a local market.

Harding B 11(392)Harding B 11(392)
Printed by Angus of Newcastle for sale primarily in Yorkshire.
Harding B 11(393)Harding B 11(393)
Printed for W. Armstrong of Liverpool for sale primarily in Lancashire.

Ballads often reflect the conflicts of the day. Here are two ballads about the Jacobite succession and rebellion

Harding B 3(67)Harding B 3(67)
Printed by A. Boulter in 1715.
Harding B 6(5)Harding B 6(5)
Printed anonymously.

The Crimean War engendered both jingoism and outrage at the sufferings of the British soldiers

Harding B 11(650)Harding B 11(650)
No printer given.
Harding B 15(322)Harding B 15(322)
By John Morgan; printed by John Marks and G. Mason.

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