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Kelmscott Press Collection 60 items, mainly works, including proofs, printed at the Press by William Morris (1834-96), brought together as a collection from copies in the general classification.

Søren Aabye Kierkegaard (1813-55] Danish philosopher and theologian. c80 works of the 19th and 20th cent in 62 v, by and about Kierkegaard. Purchased in 1981.

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Robert Warden Lee (1868-1958) Rhodes Professor of Roman-Dutch law, and Fellow of All Souls (1921-56) presented in 1949. 160 works, dating from the 17th-20th cent relating mainly to Dutch law and history.

Libri Hungarici A collection purchased in 1815 from an unknown German dealer. 416 v, mostly dating from the period 1700-1830, on the history, civil and ecclesiastical, and topography of Hungary and South Eastern Europe. Includes some large volumes of 17th cent Protestant theology. Few items are genuinely rare, and these tend to be the less distinguished pieces.

Bibliotheca Hungarica. Kirchen- und Profan-Geschichte, Verfassung, Jurisprudenz, Literarhistorie, Geographie und Topographie von Ungarn, Siebenbürgen, Croatien, Dalmatien und den unteren Donauländern. [Bodleian shelfmark 2590 a section of a bookseller’s catalogue.]

  • R J W Evans, ‘Hungarica in the Bodleian: a historical sketch’, BLR 9(1978), p.333 - 345.
  • Macray, p353.
  • Craster, p76.
Libri Polonici A collection of c. 1,600 volumes purchased in 1850 from Hirsch Edelmann on the recommendation of Mr Asher a ‘then well-known Jewish bookseller of Berlin’. The greater part of the collection belonged to Józef Tukaszewicz (1797-1873), classicist, historian, author of books on the history of education and pedagogy and the history of the Church in Poland, particularly the Reformation, teacher of the Polish language, etc. The collection consists of books about Poland written by Polish and foreign authors, depicting a short period of Polish cultural history in relation to the Church and the Reformation, with an emphasis on the development of education, pedagogics and trends in Polish teaching. It contains examples of almost all notable 16th century printers, and also Polish books printed abroad. There are in total 252 16th century titles, 1231 17th and 18th century titles,and 309 19th century titles up to 1840. Most of the books are in Polish, Latin, French and German, a few in Czech. 200 vols. were incorporated into the collection in 1883 which did not belong to Tukaszewicz. The main categories of books are: Polish history; Polish law; political journalism; history of the Church in Poland, a large part of the collection, including Catholic and non-Catholic translations of the Bible and the New Testament, Psalters, lives of the saints, sermons, ecclesiastical regulations, and theological studies and polemics, particularly of the Reformation period; history of education and pedagogics in Poland; and Polish language and literature (belles-lettres).
  • Z Florczak, ‘Libri Polonici, a special collection in the Bodleian Library’, BLR, XIV, 3 (October 1992) 207-27.
  • Polonica from the Bodleian’s Pre-1920 catalogue. 1993.
  • Macray, p.353.
  • Craster, p. 76.
Limited Editions Club A collection of over 500 publications of the Limited Editions Club, New York, from 1929, began to be formed in 1964 when the funds of Bodley’s American Friends enabled the Library to secure a subscription to the Club.

Martin Lister (1638?-1712), physician and,260 v dating from the 16th-18th cent, but mainly 17th cent on medicine, anatomy, natural philosophy, botany, and voyages and travels, bequeathed to the Ashmolean Museum, but transferred to the Bodleian in 1860. A small number of Lister’s books are in the collection shelfmarked Ashmole A-H (qv).

  • R T Gunther, ‘The Ashmole printed books’, BQR 6 (1930), p193-5.
  • Macray, p366.
  • Craster, p65.
John Locke (1632-1704), philosopher. From 1691 Locke lived with the Masham family at Oates, Essex. On his death he left all his mss and his interleaved books, and one ‘Moiety’ of the rest of his books to his cousin Peter King, later Lord King (1669-1734). The papers and correspondence remained in the possession of Lord King’s descendants, who later became the Earls of Lovelace, until 1947, when most were bought by the Bodleian. In 1951 the remainder of the King moiety of Locke’s library was discovered at Ben Damph Forest, a seat of the Earl of Lovelace, and were later bought by Mr Paul Mellon (1907- ) (together with the manuscripts which the Earl of Lovelace had retained). Mr Mellon presented them to the Bodleian, transferring them there in 1978, plus a number of other books from Locke’s library which he had in the meantime bought. The Bodleian now holds in its Locke Room, in addition to the mss purchased in 1947 and mss given by Mr Mellon, all the books with the location ‘Oak Spring’ in Harrison and Laslett’s The Library of John Locke and other printed volumes from Locke’s library, a total of over 800 printed volumes. Volumes from other Bodleian collections known to have belonged to Locke, and some which belonged to the other ‘moiety’ of Locke’s library (left to Frances Cudworth Masham and subsequently dispersed) have been integrated with Mr Mellon’s gift.
  • P Long, A summary catalogue of the Lovelace collection of the papers of John Locke in the Bodleian Library, Oxford Bib Soc publications, new ser v 8, Oxford, 1959.
  • ‘The Mellon donation of additional manuscripts of John Locke from the Lovelace collection’, BLR 7(1964), p185-93.
  • Gifts from Mr Paul Mellon and Dr E S de Beer’, Ibid 6 (1960), p575-6.
  • University of Oxford, Annual Report of the Curators of the Bodleian Library for 1977-1978 (June 1979), p42-3.
  • R J Roberts, ‘The John Locke Room in the Bodleian Library, Oxford’, The Locke newsletter no 9(1978).
  • [Books from the Locke collection donated to the Bodleian Library by Mr Paul Mellon and published in the period covered by Wing’s Short-title catalogue, 1641-1700], BLR 10,6(May 1982), p376-82; 11,2(May 1983)121-5; 11,4(May 1984)247-51.
  • [Acquisitions of books from Locke’s library]. BLR, 11,2(May 1983)120; 11,3(November 1983)191-2.
  • P Laslett, ‘Lord Masham’s library at Oates’, TLS 15 August 1952, p533.
  • J Harrison and P Laslett, ‘The library of John Locke’, Ibid 27 December 1957, p792.
  • ‘John Locke’s books and papers for his own university’, Ibid 11 March 1960, p168.
  • J Harrison and P Laslett, The library of John Locke, Oxford Bib Soc Pubn, new ser v 13, Oxford 1965; 2nd edition, Oxford 1971.

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Rev Robert James McGhee (1789-1872), Roman Catholic priest, presented 32 v of Roman Catholic theology, ranging in date from 1770-1850, but mostly of the first half of the 19th cent. Includes editions of the Douay and Rheims versions of the Bible, of some Irish diocesan statutes, of Bailly’s Theologia moralis and Delahogue’s dogmatic treatises and various Irish polemical pamphlets, some by the donor.

  • R J McGhee, The Church of Rome: her present moral theology, scriptural instruction and canon law, a report on the books and documents on the Papacy deposited in the University Library, Cambridge, the Bodleian Library, Oxford, and the library of Trinity College, Dublin, AD 1840. London, 1853. A list of the volumes is printed pxiv-xxiii.
  • Macray, p340.
Edmund Malone (1741-1812), Shakespearian scholar, bequeathed his library to his brother, Lord Sunderlin, who presented to the Bodleian in 1815 (but not received until 1821) 770 v containing c3,000 items, the rest of the library being sold in 1818. The collection is chiefly of Elizabethan, Jacobean and Caroline literature, particularly drama, but it also contains some Restoration drama and works by Dryden. Malone’s collection of the early editions of Shakespeare’s plays and poems in seven quarto volumes (Malone 32-8, kept as Arch. G. d.39-45) represented in Malone’s time the most complete collection of early editions ever made. Included in the Malone collection are almost 1,000 printed plays given him by George Steevens (1736-1800) and augmented by Malone in two series: (i) Malone 39-128, containing late-17th and early-18th cent editions, (ii) Malone 158-234, most of which are Caroline, though a few are Elizabethan and others are dated after 1660: Shakespeare is largely absent. Included also is Malone’s own copy of his Shakespeare of 1790 (Malone 1046-57), heavily annotated for the second edition he did not live to publish. Malone’s books were working copies, which he annotated: the pages of his Shakespeare quartos were inlaid within large margins. Bound volumes of plays were split up at the suggestion of F P Wilson. The Bodleian has also acquired some of Malone’s other printed books (see Godwyn), and some of his ms collections.
  • Catalogue of early English poetry and other miscellaneous works illustrating the British drama, collected by E Malone, and now preserved in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, 1836. [Bodleian copy shelfmarked 2590 d.Oxf.1.43 =R.6.100 annotated with shelfmarks in ms].
  • J O Halliwell-Phillipps, A handlist of the early English literature preserved in the Malone collection in the Bodleian Library, selected from the printed catalogue of that collection, 1860.
  • Macray, p306-8.
  • L W Hanson, ‘The Shakespeare collection in the Bodleian Library, Oxford’, Shakespeare Survey 4(1951), p78-95.
  • William Shakespeare, 1564-1964, a catalogue of the quatercentenary exhibition in the Divinity School, Oxford. Oxford, Bodleian Library, 1964.
  • J M Osborn, ‘Edmund Malone: scholar-collector’, The Library, 5th ser, 19(1964), p11-37.
  • C J Stratman, ‘A survey of the Bodleian Library’s holdings in the field of English printed tragedy’, BLR 7 (1964), p133-43.
  • Bodleian accessions of English drama from c1860-83 were added to the Malone collection. From 1883 to 1988 such accessions were given the shelfmark M.adds.
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Percy Manning, (d 1917) bequeathed c500 books, mainly of the 19th and early-20th cent, on the antiquities and history of the city, county and university of Oxford and its neighbouring areas, with some manuscripts and 87 portfolios of local engravings and drawings.

  • Craster, 313.
Mansfield College Collection Purchased from Mansfield College, Oxford, in c.1970, it contains over 500 bound v, comprising many more items, mainly theological of Congregational Church interest. Included are 140 bound volumes of pamphlets, mostly Dutch and German, of the 19th and early-20th cent, volumes of sermons and tracts, especially provincial tracts, English and foreign books of the 17th-20th cent, and a few early printed books. Many volumes bear the bookplates of former owners, including Spring Hill College, Birmingham (the former name of Mansfield College); in 1872 Thomas Smith James (1809-74), son of John Angell James (1785-1859), presented to Spring Hill College over 600 v, many formerly owned by his father.
  • P Morgan, Oxford libraries outside the Bodleian, 2nd edition, Oxford, 1980, p82.
[Marlborough Vicar’s Library]. The Vicar’s Library, St Mary’s, Marlborough, Wiltshire. The bulk of the collection was put together by William White (1604-1678), Master of Magdalen College School 1632-1648 and later Rector of Pusey and of Appleton, who bequeathed it to the Mayor and Corporation of Marlborough in trust for the use of the Vicar of St. Mary’s. Deposited on permanent loan in the Bodleian in 1985. Over 600 volumes, containing c.760 items, including 237 items printed in Britain before 1641, of which 8 are the only known copies and another 45 are rare. The majority of the volumes are theology, works of scholarship and school books (there are 13 specimens of the grammatical treatises of Robert Whittington and a volume of 5 tracts by John Stanbridge of which 4 are unique), while classics, literature, political tracts, history, law and medicine are also represented. Includes many books interesting for their associations and many annotated with date of purchase and price. The majority of the bindings are by Oxford binders of the 17th century, with some earlier blind-tooled examples.
  • P. Morgan, ‘The Vicar’s Library, St Mary’s, Marlborough, Wiltshire’, BLR, XII, 1 (October 1985) 76-7.
  • E.G.H.Kempson, ‘The Vicar’s Library, St Mary’s, Marlborough’, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine, 1i (December 1945) 194-215.
Thomas Marshall (1621-85),Chaplain to the Merchant Adventurers at Rotterdam and Dort (1650-72), Rector of Lincoln College (1672), Dean of Gloucester (1681), bequeathed to the Bodleian his mss (76 oriental and 63 western), and such of his printed books as were not already in the library. The printed books include contemporary Protestant theology (English and Continental), and works on Anglo-Saxon and Middle Eastern languages, reflecting his exile in the Netherlands during the Commonwealth, and an interest in linguistics and philology. There are now c900 printed volumes in the collection, many of these being additions to the Marshall bequest. The wide variety of his linguistic interests is shown by the presence of languages such as Frisian, Irish and Romanian, which were certainly rare at that period in the libraries of Englishmen. Lincoln College, Oxford (qv) also received books from Marshall.
  • Macray, p154.
  • Philip 58.
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Robert Mason (1783-1841), DD, of The Queen’s College, bequeathed to the Bodleian the sum of £36,000, used for the purchase of c8,000 v of the 16th-19th cent, including plate books, editions de luxe, and works of some degree of value or rarity in various languages.

  • Macray, p342.
  • Craster, p17, 35.
Mathematics A collection of 60 folios and large quartos on mathematical and technical subjects received among the new books between 1861 and 1883.

Mather A collection assembled by H O Coxe when Bodley’s Librarian, partly from books already in the library, partly from special purchases. Over 170 works of the 17th-19th cent, mostly Boston imprints, being works by, or on, Cotton Mather (1663-1728) and Increase Mather (1639-1723), New England divines, and other members of the Mather family.

  • Macray, p383.
  • Craster, p77.
Med. [Medicina] One part of the original Bodleian four-part classification by faculty, or subject, in use in various forms over the period 1602-1789 and less frequently until c1840. In the later years the distinction by faculty began to be disregarded, and books were added where there was space on the shelves. The collection comprises over 2,700 v of the 16th-19th cent.

Medicine A collection of c30 folios and large quartos on medical subjects among the new books received between 1861 and 1883.

John Meerman, the only son of Gerard, the author of Origines typographicae (1765), had inherited his father’s library in 1771. c1,500 v were bought at the sale of the library at The Hague in 1824, including works of foreign history and law, and some classics, dating from the 16th-19th cent.

  • Bibliotheca Meermanniana; sive Catalogus librorum impressorum et codicum manuscriptorum... quos... collegerunt... Gerardus & Joannes Meerman; morte dereliquit Joannes Meerman... quorum publica fiet auctio... MDCCCXXIV. 4 tom. Hagae Comitum, 1824.
  • A catalogue of books purchased for the Bodleian Library during the year ending November 8,1824. [With] A catalogue of books purchased for the Bodleian Library at the sale of M Meerman at The Hague, June 8-July 4, 1824, with a statement of the expenses attending the purchase.
  • ‘Dean Gainsford and the Meerman collection’, BLR,4(1952)7-8.
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[Mexican pamphlets]: 41 v shelfmarked 233 f.101-140 and 274 b. 18] Collected during 1861 by Henry Ward Poole (1825-90) in Mexico City: he sold to Henry Stevens, the bookdealer, who sold to the Bodleian in 1870. 1,446 separate pamphlets, excluding duplicates and triplicates and several runs of periodicals, printed in the period 1754-1841, mainly in Mexico City. 945 pamphlets our of the 1,446 relate to the years 1820-7, the period during which Mexico attained independence and abolished censorship of the press; 444 pamphlets date from 1820. The main set of volumes at 233 f.101-140 divide into three sections: the first 6 v containing c340 pamphlets, were almost all printed in 1820; the next 18 v date from the period 1820-7. Poole made detailed pencil annotations on the pamphlets, particularly in the last 8 v of this main set.

  • A R Bonner, ‘Mexican pamphlets in the Bodleian Library’, BLR 8(1970), p205-13.
  • C Steele and M P Costeloe, Independent Mexico: a collection of Mexican pamphlets in the Bodleian Library. London, Mansell, 1973.
Mill House Press Collection c50 books etc printed at the Mill House Press, Stanford Dingley, Reading, Berkshire, 1926-71, given by Robert Gathorne-Hardy (1902-73) in memory of Kyrle Leng (1900-58). Some have ms notes, some are Kyrle Leng’s copies, some are special copies.

David Binning Monro (1836-1905), fellow (1859) and Provost (1882) of Oriel College. Over 1,000 v on Homeric studies, mainly 19th cent, were purchased by subscription from his library in memory of him by a number of his friends and presented to the Bodleian. He had left to Oriel College c1,000 v on comparative philology and mythology, and most of these are now on permanent loan to the library of the Taylor Institution, Oxford (qv).

  • Craster, p182.
  • J C Wilson, David Binning Monro: a short memoir, Oxford, 1907, p14.
Captain Montagu Montagu, RN (d1863) bequeathed to the Bodleian c700 v in various branches of literature, dating from 16th-19th cent, including 90 editions and versions of the Psalter, with works on Psalmody, editions of Anacreon, Horace, Juvenal, Phaedrus, Petrarch, Boileau and La Fontaine, and topographical and biographical works grangerized with additional engravings.
  • List of manuscripts. .. illustrated and other books, etc, the bequest of the late Captain Montagu Montagu to the Bodleian Library. Oxford, 1864. [Bodleian copy shelfmarked 2590 e.Oxf.1.50=R.6.208 annotated with Bodleian shelfmarks.]
  • Macray, p377-8.
Conte Alessandro Mortara The Bodleian bought from him in 1852 1,400 v dating from 16th-19th cent, rich in rare 16th cent editions of Italian authors, and including early editions of Ariosto, Boccaccio, Dante and Tasso.
  • A Mortara, Biblioteca Italica ossio Catalogo de’ testi a stampa citati nel Vocabolario degli Accademici della Crusca e di altri libri italiani pregevoli e rari già posseduti dal C A M ed ora passati in proprietà della Biblioteca Bodleiana, Oxford, 1852.
  • Macray, p357.
  • Craster, p75-6.
Colonel William E Moss (1875-1953) made donations to the Bodleian during his lifetime. On his death in 1953 his widow presented a collection of books and papers on bookbinding and on William Blake. Included are photographs and rubbings of, and offprints, cuttings and notes on, Renaissance bindings, especially bindings for Grolier, "Maioli", Thomas Wotton, Archbishop Parker and Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and also on Mearne-type and Elkanah Settle bindings.
  • ‘Elkanah Settle’, BLR 2(1944), p92-3.
  • S Gibson ‘Colonel William E Moss’ (with] ‘The Moss donation [a list]’, BLR 5(1955),p156-66.
Harold James R Murray (d1955), author of History of chess (1913), bequeathed c240 items of 16th-20th cent, but mostly 19th and 20th cent, being books on chess, plus newspaper cuttings, book catalogues, prospectuses of books etc.

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Mus.Bibl. [Museum Bibliothecae].

Mus.Bibl.II c120 v, being editions of works by Thomas Hearne (1678-1735), historical antiquary, bought together from existing collections and added to.

Mus.Bibl.III Over 800 v, representing many more items. Auction, booksellers’ and library catalogues of 17th-19th cent brought together from c1860, some from existing collections, while others were current catalogues of the period and others were purchased.

  • D M Rogers, ‘Book auction sale catalogues’, BLR 10 (1981), p269-70.
  • List of catalogues of English book sales, 1676-1900, now in the British Museum (1915), arranged chronologically, with index of owners: Bodleian Library has xeroxes of A N L Munby’s interleaved copy annotated with additions and Bodleian Library shelfmarks.
  • A N L Munby and L Coral, British book sale catalogues 1676-1800: a union list. London, Mansell, 1977. [With locations in the Bodleian.]

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