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The Disraeli Marriage

Item 44. The Disraeli Marriage Dep. Hughenden 4/2 fols. 186v-187r
Perhaps the secret of the success of the Disraeli marriage lay in their contrasting qualities,
as outlined here by Mary Anne (represented in the right hand column).
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Transcription of fols. 186-7
List of qualities made by the future Mrs. Disraeli (1839)

'His eyes they are as black as Sloes, But oh! So beautiful his nose' 
Very CalmVery effervescent
Manners grave and almost sadGay and happy looking when speaking
Never irritableVery irritable
Warm in love but cold in friendshipCold in love but warm in friendship
Very patientNo patience
Very studiousVery idle
Very generousOnly generous to those she loves
Often says what he does not thinkNever says anything she does not think
It is impossible to find out who he likes or dislikes from his manner. He does not show his feelingsHer manner is quite different, and to those she likes she shows her feelings
No vanityMuch vanity
ConceitedNo conceit
No self-loveMuch self-love
He is seldom amusedEverything amuses her
He is a geniusShe is a dunce
He is to be depended on to a certain degreeShe is not to be depended on
His whole soul is devoted to politics and ambitionShe has no ambition and hates politics
 So it is evident they sympathise only on one subject: Maidstone (constituency) like most husbands and wives about their children.

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