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Preface from the original site: Colloque franco-britannique

To coincide with the colloque franco-britannique events in Oxford and London (14-15 October 2004) the latest additions to the website illustrate two different aspects of the impact made by King Edward VII's visit to Paris in April 1903. The first is an extract from one of the many press cuttings in Sir Edmond Monson's papers marking the event. Provided by Romeike & Curtis, a press cutting agency in Ludgate Circus Buildings, London, the cutting from the Belfast Newsletter of 8 May 1903 describes the culinary impact of the visit and the King's preference for simple table settings.

The second extract is taken from the centenary lecture given by Dr. Hugh Cecil in the Ballroom of the British Embassy in Paris on 22 April 2004 at the invitation of the British Ambassador, Sir John Holmes.

In his lecture on Lord Landsdowne, the Foreign Secretary from 1900 to 1905, Dr. Cecil described how Edward VII's personality helped to transform the French public's view of Britain and the British.


2004 marks the hundredth anniversary of the 'Entente Cordiale' between Britain and France. This page has been put together by the Bodleian Library to commemorate this event and highlight some of the rich documentary sources held in the Department of Special Collections on the subject of Anglo-French relations. In the course of 2004 material from other Bodleian collections will be added to this page.

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