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Introduction from the original site

The 1956 Suez Crisis is one of the most important and controversial events in British history since the Second World War. Not only did Suez result in deep political and public division in Britain, it also caused international uproar. It has come to be regarded as the end of Britain's role as one of the world powers and as the beginning of the end for the British Empire. In future British foreign policy would be conducted in concurrence with American diplomatic support. This special online exhibition has been developed to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Crisis. The exhibition draws from the Bodleian's rich holdings of modern political papers to provide an 'insider's viewpoint' of Suez from politicians, diplomats, civil servants and leading public figures. It includes items from a number of collections which have been acquired within the last decade or so. The Library is grateful to the copyright owners of the material featured without whose support this online exhibition would not have been possible.

Matthew Neely (matthew.neely@bodleian.ox.ac.uk)
October, 2006.