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MSS. Add. were acquired at various times from various sources; to find the description of an individual manuscript, one must look up its shelfmark in the 'Conspectus of shelf-marks of western manuscripts' in Summary Catalogue, I, pp. 1-3.

History of the collection

The use of the 'MSS. Bodl.' shelfmark was used from about 1761 until c. 1860 (see Summary Catalogue, V, pp, 801-2), when H. O. Coxe started a new series called 'Addit. Bodl.' About 1877 this was rearranged according to the sizes of the volumes into MSS. Add. A, B, C, D (E was added in 1883 for rolls and irregularly shaped manuscripts). This series was closed in 1887. Thus MSS. Add. A-E contained the miscellaneous accessions of c. 1860-86, but 'many older MSS. were put into it during that period, and some have been taken out' (ibid., p. 741).

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