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MSS. e Mus.:
manuscripts formerly in Musaeo



Summary Catalogue, vol. II pt. 2, pp. 655-742 (a very few other manuscripts are described in vol. V).

History of the collection

The following notes are taken from Summary Catalogue, I, pp. xiv, xxxvi.

In 1655 Thomas Barlow (Librarian 1652-60) formed the class in Musaeo, i.e. manuscripts kept in the cupboard in the Librarian's study. In this class were mainly placed the miscellaneous donations and purchases of the period c. 1647-83. When the manuscripts were moved in 1728, they were unfortunately renumbered, thus throwing out the correspondence with the numbers of the 1697 catalogue. The name of the collection was changed to e Musaeo. The numbers then assigned to MSS. e. Mus. are those which are still current.

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