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'Towards an image catalogue' updated

This page contains new scans of the miscellaneous images which have been available since 1994 on an experimental Bodleian web page entitled 'Towards an image catalogue'.

(Their random order here, and their numbering, follow the old pages; the old numbers are given in square brackets).

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Images scanned from various Bodleian filmstrips and slides

manuscript image
Source: Roll 162B(4) frame 6
Small | Medium | Large
Marguerite de Navarre meeting musicians and a peasant, from the beginning of Marguerite's La Coche ou le Débat de l'Amour.
France; c. 1540
Bodleian Library, MS. Douce 91, fol. 3r (detail)

[Formerly no. 1]
manuscript image
Source: Roll 162B(4) frame 5
Small | Medium | Large
Marginal drawing, perhaps by Laurentius Dyamas, of a nurse and baby, and boys climbing a tree, in the fifth volume of a manuscript of Dominicus de Bandinis of Arezzo, Fons memorabilium universi.
Germany, Cologne?; c. 1445
Balliol College, MS. 238E, fol. 50v (detail)

[Formerly no. 2]
manuscript image
Source: Roll 162B(4) frame 4
Small | Medium | Large
Boy whipped by a schoolmaster
As above; another detail from the same page

[Formerly no. 3]
manuscript image
Source: Roll 162B(4) frame 3
Small | Medium | Large
Boy holding a bird's nest and a spray of green leaves (symbolizing Spring), from the calendar of an illuminated Psalter.
France, Paris; c. 1235-55
Bodleian Library, MS. Douce 48, fol. 4r (detail)

[Formerly no. 4]
manuscript image
Source: Roll 162B(4) frame 2
Small | Medium | Large
Fool at the feet of the Emperor Domitian, from an Apocalypse picture book.
England; c. 1255-60
Bodleian Library, MS. Auct. D. 4. 17, fol. 2v (detail).

[Formerly no. 5]
manuscript image
Source: Single slide B1178
Small | Medium | Large
'Hugo pictor': self-portrait of a scribe and illuminator, placed as colophon at the end of a manuscript of St. Jerome's Commentary on Isaiah.
France, Normandy, the Benedictine abbey of Jumièges; 11th century, late
Bodleian Library, MS. Bodl. 717, fol. 287v (detail)

[Formerly no. 5a]
manuscript image
Source: Roll 162B(4) frame 3
Small | Medium | Large
Child carrying two sparrows, from a manuscript Bestiary
Southern England; c. 1230
Bodleian Library, MS. Bodl. 602, fol. 50r (detail)

[Formerly no. 6]
manuscript image
Source: Single slide B1453
Small | Medium | Large
Preface to a manuscript of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
England, Peterborough Abbey; c. 1121
Bodleian Library, MS. Laud Misc. 636, fol. 1r

[Formerly no. 7]
manuscript image
Source: Single slide B1442
Small | Medium | Large
Text with decorated initials, from a Gregorian Sacramentary
St. Gall?; c. 825-50, subsequently used at the abbey of St. Alban, Mainz
Bodleian Library, MS. Auct. D. 1. 20, fol. 116r

[Formerly no. 8]
manuscript image
Source: Single slide B8
Small | Medium | Large
The Adoration of the Magi, from a manuscript of Marco Polo, Li livres du Graunt Caam.
England; 15th century, early
Bodleian Library, MS. Bodl. 264, fol. 223r (detail)

[Formerly no. 9]
manuscript image
Source: Single slide B1434
Small | Medium | Large
An angel guards the gate of Paradise, from the 'Caedmon manuscript' of Anglo-Saxon Biblical poetry.
England; late 10th or early 11th century
Bodleian Library, MS. Junius 11, p. 46

[Formerly no. 10]
manuscript image
Source: Single slide B1429
Small | Medium | Large
Presentation scene, from a manuscript of pseudo-Roger Bacon, De retardatione accidentium senectutis.
By an Italian artist probably working outside Italy; 15th century, middle
Bodleian Library, MS. Bodl. 211, fol. 1r (detail)

[Formerly no. 12]
manuscript image
Source: Roll 168.8 frame 15
Small | Medium | Large
Hezekiah and the water clock, illustrating II (IV) Kings 20:1-11, with its 'moralizing' equivalent, Doubting Thomas, from a Bible moralisée.
France, Paris; c. 1235-45
Bodleian Library, MS. Bodl. 270b, fol. 183v, roundels D 1-2

[Formerly no. 13]
manuscript image
Source: Single slide B1427
Small | Medium | Large
Text with decorated initials, from a mutilated manuscript of the Gospels.
Ireland?; 8th century, second half
Bodleian Library, MS. Rawl. G. 167, fol. 60v

[Formerly no. 14]
manuscript image
Source: Single slide B629
Small | Medium | Large
Book of Hours.
Flanders; c. 1360
Bodleian Library, MS. Lat. liturg. f. 3, fol. 51r

[Formerly no. 15]
manuscript image
Source: Single slide B627
Small | Medium | Large
Warrior, from the 'Codex Mendoza', a record of Mexican culture prepared on the order of Don Antonio de Mendoza, Viceroy of New Spain, for the Emperor Charles V.
Mexico; c. 1535-50
Bodleian Library, MS. Arch. Selden. A. 1, fol. 64r (detail)

[Formerly no. 16]
manuscript image
Source: Single slide B1462
Small | Medium | Large
Anatomical illustration showing the veins, from a medical miscellany.
England; 13th century, late
Bodleian Library, MS. Ashmole 399, fol. 18r

[Formerly no. 17]
manuscript image
Source: Single slide B1480
Small | Medium | Large
19th-century pencil drawing of the Stone Pits, Blackthorn, Oxfordshire
Bodleian Library, MS. Top. Oxon. a. 37, fol. 107r

[Formerly no. 18]
manuscript image
Source: Single slide B1482
Small | Medium | Large
Illuminated initial B at the beginning of Psalm 1 (Beatus vir), from a Psalter.
England, St. Albans abbey; c. 1270-80
New College, MS. 358, fol. xi verso

[Formerly no. 19]
manuscript image
Source: Single slide B1483
Small | Medium | Large
Opening page of a manuscript of Marcus of Orvieto, Liber de moralitatibus.
Italy; c. 1300
New College, MS. 157, fol. 1r

[Formerly no. 20]
manuscript image
Source: Single slide B1520
Small | Medium | Large
Portrait of William Camden (1551-1623) by Marcus Gheeraerts.
Bodleian Library.

[Formerly no. 21]
manuscript image
Source: Single slide B1526
Small | Medium | Large
Portrait of Francis Junius (1589-1677) by Antony Van Dyck.
Bodleian Library.

[Formerly no. 22]
manuscript image
Source: Single slide B1543
Small | Medium | Large
Text page with diagrams from a manuscript of Euclid's Elements.
Constantinople, 888
Bodleian Library, MS. D'Orville 301, fol. 46r

[Formerly no. 23]
[Image being prepared]
Source: Single slide B1546
Small | Medium | Large
Text page from a copy of Cicero, De officiis, printed at Mainz by Peter Schoeffer and Johann Fust, 1465.
Bodleian Library, Auct. I. 3. 6

[Formerly no. 24]
[Image being prepared]
Source: Single slide B1461
Small | Medium | Large
Calendar page for January, from a Book of Hours.
France, c. 1525-50
Bodleian Library, MS. Douce 135, fol. 2r

[Formerly no. 25]
[Image being prepared]
Source: Single slide B1459
Small | Medium | Large
Ivory carving of Christ Pantokrator (Byzantium, 10th or 11th century), mounted on silver at Nuremberg (first half of the 18th century), covering the 'Codex Ebnerianus', a Greek New Testament made in Constantinople (first half of the 12th century).
Bodleian Library, MS. Auct. T. inf. 1. 10

[Formerly no. 26]

Catalogue information

Information about these information occurs in various published Bodleian catalogues; see Western Manuscripts home page for an overview.

Bodleian filmstrips

The 35 mm. filmstrips or slides from which these images are scanned derive mostly from a stock of more than 30,000 images, as published by the Bodleian Library over the last forty years or so.

The core of the slides and filmstrips collection — all the images of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts belonging to the Bodleian, but excluding those of non-Bodleian manuscripts, later manuscripts, printed books, etc. — was digitized more recently in a project funded by ARTsstor, and is now alteratively available through the LUNA browser in the collection named 'Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts (from 35mm)' as listed at This website duplicates most but not all of the images presented above.

Image captions

The captions accompanying the images on this page are taken from handlists prepared over the decades by a number of staff and volunteers to accompany the published filmstrips. They are intended to serve here as a guide to content of the images, but have not been systematically rechecked.

Image quality

Since most of the images presented here have been scanned from the Library's stock of existing slides and filmstrips; their quality is not always up to the highest standards of new photography. Nonetheless, it is hoped that even the scans from the oldest filmstrips will provide users with a great deal of further material for visual reference, in a convenient form. Users who require higher quality images may order photographs in the normal way: see the Photographic Services page.

Sometimes two or more thumbnails may show the same subject. Such apparent duplicates are included for archival purposes: they will derive from shots of the same item, taken at different times, and may therefore show differences of lighting, colour contrast and general quality.

Image editing software has been used to 'sharpen' the thumbnail images, and to reduce the number of colours each thumbnail contains to a maximum of 256; but no manipulation of the larger images has been performed. Users may use their own imaging software to alter features such as the the brightness, contrast, or colour-balance of the images, for purposes of private study.

The images were scanned from existing 35 mm. transparencies using a Nikon LS-2000 slide scanner, at a resolution of 2,700 dpi, in 24-bit colour, which produces an uncompressed TIFF image file a little under 30MB in size. The shelfmark, folio reference, and copyright notice were then added to each file manually using Adobe Photoshop, and saved as an uncompressed TIFF. A batch process using Photoshop creates the JPEG compressed files.

Note that the apparent quality of the images as viewed on-screen is in part dependent upon the quality of the monitor used to view them, and the apparent colour-values are likewise dependent on whether the monitor has been correctly calibrated, and on the ambient lighting conditions of the room.

Image sizes

The JPEG thumbnail images on this page are 200 pixels in length along their longest side, use no more than 256 colours, and the files are each about 15-20KB in size. Clicking on each of these images will load a larger version, 500 pixels in length.

The larger versions of each image, respectively 500, 1000, and 1500 pixels along the long side, can be viewed by clicking on the 'Small', 'Medium', and 'Large' links beneath each caption. The images of 500 pixel-length are each about 50-100 KB in size; the 1000 pixel ones about 200-350 KB, and the 1500 pixel ones are about 500-750 KB. We recommend that users start by selecting the smaller sizes before attempting to download the larger ones, since the latter may seem slow to load: this depends on the speed of each user's internet connection and computer system.

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