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MSS. Add. were acquired at different times from various sources. The 'MSS. Bodl.' shelfmark was formed c. 1761 for miscellaneous accessions since the Library's foundation, and was continued until c. 1860 (see Summary Catalogue, V, pp, 801-2), when H. O. Coxe started a new series called 'Addit. Bodl.'. About 1877 this was rearranged according to the sizes of the volumes into MSS. Add. A, B, C, D (E was added in 1883 for rolls and irregularly shaped manuscripts). This series was closed in 1887. Thus MSS. Add. A-E contained the miscellaneous accessions of c. 1860-86, but 'many older MSS. were put into it during that period, and some have been taken out' (ibid., p. 741).

MSS. Add. A.
MSS. Add. B.
MSS. Add. C.
MSS. Add. D.
MSS. Add. E.

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