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Thomas Carte (1686-1754) matriculated at University College, Oxford in 1698, took his degree from Brasenose College, Oxford in 1702, and an MA from King's College, Cambridge in 1706. He took Holy Orders in about 1714, but in that year refused to take the oath of allegiance, was accused of high treason in 1722, and fled to France adopting the name of Philips. He returned to England in 1728. His Life of James Duke of Ormonde was published in 1735-1736 and his History of England in 1747-1755.

Shelfmark MS. Carte 91
Summary Catalogue no. 10537
Summary of contents Text on land measurement; Les coustumes des pais d'Aniou et du Maine, 1463; transcripts of public documents affecting Angers and its neighbourhood; deeds relating to La Haie-aux-Bonshommes priory, near Angers, 1413-1496.
Language French, Latin
Origin French, Angers (?)
Date 1503
Material parchment

Coloured arms and rubrics.

Catalogue image Vol. 3, p. 127
Catalogue image Vol. 3, p. 128

Shelfmark MS. Carte 176
Summary Catalogue no. 10621
Summary of contents Documents relating to the history and private affairs of the Butler family of Ormonde from 1427. Records and papers concerning the administration of affairs in Ireland by the earl of Strafford, 1635-1640. Papers concerning the Duke of Ormond's negotiations with the Irish confederates, 1641-1650.
Language English, Latin
Origin Irish
Date 15th century, 16th century, 17th century
Material parchment, paper
Catalogue image Vol. 3, p. 139

Shelfmark MS. Carte 177
Summary Catalogue no. 10622
Composite A || fols. 41-42
Summary of contents List of ecclesiastical documents in the priory of St. Cuthbert at Durham, with added list of books lent from the Durham library, 1423. || Cartulary of the priory of St. Cuthbert at Durham (fragment).
Language Latin
Origin English
Date 14th century, middle || 12th century, late
Material parchment
Catalogue image Vol. 3, p. 139
Catalogue image Vol. 3, p. 140

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