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MSS. Charters Oxon.


Most of the charters in the Bodleian are catalogued in William H. Turner and Henry O. Coxe, Calendar of charters and rolls preserved in the Bodleian Library (Oxford, 1878). The charters and rolls were extracted from the individual collections in which they had entered the Library, such as that of Anthony Wood, and classified by county; their seals were detached from the documents and kept separately. The Oxfordshire charters include large groups from the abbeys and priories of St. Nicholas, Littlemore, St. Mary, Oseney, St. Frideswide, Oxford, and St. Mary, Thame. Charters acquired after the completion of Turner and Coxe's catalogue, such as the collection from the priory of Goring, were included in the Summary Catalogue.

Shelfmark MS. Charters Oxon d. 1, MS. Charters Oxon d. 2, MS. Charters Oxon d. 3, MS. Charters Oxon d. 4, MS. Charters Oxon d. 5
Summary Catalogue no. 31641, 31642, 31643, 31644, 31645
Summary of contents About 350 charters relating to Goring Priory, Oxfordshire.
Language Latin
Origin English, Oxfordshire
Date 1221 - 1496
Material parchment
Catalogue image Vol. 6, p. 80

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