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The topographical and genealogical collections of Roger Dodsworth (1585-1654), consisting of notes and extracts from public records and private muniments, church monuments, wills, cartularies, and other sources, constitute the largest single body of research materials to survive from 17th-century England. Initially concentrated on Yorkshire, Dodsworth's activity eventually spread to most of England. In 1635 he met William Dugdale, and the two men decided to collaborate on the Monasticon Anglicanum which was eventually published after Dodsworth's death. His manuscripts passed into the hands of his patron Sir Thomas Fairfax, who left them to the Bodleian (along with his own) in 1673. The introduction to the collection in the Summary Catalogue gives details of early attempts to catalogue and index the material, as well as an explanation of its original arrangement.

Shelfmark MS. Dodsw. 76
Summary Catalogue no. 5018
Summary of contents Charters and documents of administrative and local interest, mostly relating to religious houses.
Language Latin
Origin mostly English
Date 12th century - 15th century
Material parchment
Catalogue image Vol. 2 Part 2, p. 911
Catalogue image Vol. 2 Part 2, p. 912
Ian Kershaw & David M. Smith, eds., The Bolton Priory Computus 1286-1325 together with a priory account roll for 1377-1378 (The Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Record Series, vol. 154 for the years 1999 and 2000), Woodbridge 2000, p. 26 (listing in bibliography only)
Janet Burton, The monastic order in Yorkshire, 1069-1215 (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought, Fourth Series, 40), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999, p. 311 (listing in bibliography only)
Colin G. C. Tite, ' 'Lost or stolen or strayed': a survey of manuscripts formerly in the Cotton library', in Sir Robert Cotton as collector: essays on an early Stuart courtier and his legacy, ed. C. J. Wright, London: British Library, 1997, pp. 262-306, at p. 305 n. 150 [fols. 56r-64v, 121r-3v]

Bodleian shelfmark: BDH = R. Cat.
Colin G. C. Tite, ' 'Lost or stolen or strayed': a survey of manuscripts formerly in the Cotton Library', The British Library Journal, Vol. 18 No. 2 (Autumn 1992), pp. 107-47, p. 147 n. 150 [fols. 56-64, 121-3]

Shelfmark MS. Dodsw. 140
Summary Catalogue no. 5081
Summary of contents Antiquarian and historical collections including Yorkshire material.
Language Latin
Origin English
Date 15th century and c. 1621-23
Material paper
Catalogue image Vol. 2 Part 2, p. 950
Jeanne E. Krochalis, 'History and legend at Kirkstall in the fifteenth century', in Of the making of books: medieval manuscripts, their scribes and readers. Essays presented to M. B. Parkes, ed. P. R. Robinson & Rivkah Zim, Aldershot: Scolar Press, 1997, pp. 230-56, at pp. 235, 237

Bodleian shelfmark: BDH = R

Shelfmark MS. Dodsw. 157
Summary Catalogue no. 5098
Composite two parts
Summary of contents 'Historia fundationum diversorum monasteriorum et ecclesiarum per nobilissimam Laceiorum familiam'. || Notes by Roger Dodsworth.
Language Latin and other
Origin English
Date 15th century, middle || 1630
Material paper
Catalogue image Vol. 2 Part 2, p. 959
Catalogue image Vol. 2 Part 2, p. 960

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