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The shelfmark MSS. Gr. was adopted for miscellaneous Greek-language manuscripts acquired from 1887 onwards, as part of the classification-system introduced by Bodley's Librarian, E. W. B. Nicholson (see R. W. Hunt in Summary Catalogue, vol. I pp. xlvxlvi). The manuscripts are subdivided by subject: (bibles, classics, liturgies, theologies and miscellaneous) and then further by size, from 'a' (largest, 20" and over) to 'g' (smallest, 5" and under).

The collection comprises manuscripts and manuscript fragments (including papyri) which vary in date from the 3rd century BC to the late Middle Ages. About half the early fragments on papyrus and parchment were listed by R. P. Salomons, Papyri Bodleianae I (Studia Amstelodamensia ad epigraphicam, ius antiquum et papyrologicam pertinentia, 34), Amsterdam 1996, pp. 310-355. Descriptions of several manuscripts can be found in the following catalogues (cross-references provided in records for individual shelfmarks):

Barbara Crostini Lappin, A catalogue of Greek manuscripts acquired by the Bodleian Library since 1916 excluding those from Holkham Hall, Oxford: Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, 2003 N. G. Wilson & D. I. Stefanović, Manuscripts of Byzantine chant in Oxford, Oxford: Bodleian Library, 1963, Bodleian shelfmark: BDH = R.6.133

MSS. Gr. bib. (Bibles)
MSS Gr. class. (Classics)
MSS. Gr. liturg. (Liturgies)
MSS. Gr. misc. (Miscellaneous)
MSS. Gr. th. (Theology)

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Last modified: 19 May 2015