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The shelfmark MS. Lat. was adopted for miscellaneous Latin-language manuscripts acquired from 1887 onwards, as part of the classification-system introduced by Bodley's Librarian, E. W. B. Nicholson (see R. W. Hunt in Summary Catalogue, vol. I pp. xlvxlvi). The manuscripts are subdivided by subject: (MSS. Lat. bib., Lat. class., Lat. hist., Lat. liturg., Lat. misc., and Lat. th.) and then further by size, from 'a' (largest, 20" and over) to 'g' (smallest, 5" and under).

MSS. Lat. bib. (Bible)
MSS. Lat. class. (Classics)
MSS. Lat. hist. (History)
MSS. Lat. liturg. (Liturgies)
MSS. Lat. misc. (Miscellaneous)
MSS. Lat. th. (Theology)

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Last modified: 28 January 2009