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Heimann Joseph Michael (1792-1846) was born in Hamburg and is known as a collector of Hebrew literature. When he died his library contained 862 manuscripts and 5,471 printed books. His manuscripts were purchased by the Bodleian Library and now form part of the Library’s Oriental Collections, whereas his printed books were purchased by the British Museum. The present record describes fragments of medieval Western manuscripts which were discovered in one of the Hebrew manuscripts.

Shelfmark MS. Michael 569*
Summary Catalogue no. 24064
Composite fols. 1-11 || fols. 12-14 || fols. 15-17
Summary of contents Fragments of manuscripts which had been used to repair damaged leaves of MS. Michael 569 (SC no 24063) including: French poem (fragment). || Latin medical treatise (fragment). || Bible (fragment).
Language FR || LA || LA
Date 14th century, beginning || 14th century, beginning || 11th century
Material parchment
Catalogue image Vol. 4, p. 708
Keith Busby, Terry Nixon, Alison Stones & Lori Walters, The manuscripts of Chrétien de Troyes, 2 vols., Amsterdam etc.: Editions Rodopi B. V., 1993, vol. I, pp. 10, 12-13, 67-9, 92-3; vol. II, pp. 13, 16, 71-2, 90, 154, fig. 302

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