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Online Catalogue of the Conservative Party Archive

The Conservative Party Archive preserves the records of the Conservative Party's central and national organisations (primarily Conservative Central Office from the 1930s and the National Union of Conservative and Unionist Associations, the Party's grass-roots membership organisation, from 1867) along with certain regional records.

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The Parliamentary Party [Including records of:- the Shadow Cabinet (or Leader's Consultative Committee) [LCC]; Whips' Office; 1922 Committee; Association of Conservative Peers; Committees of the Parliamentary Party; Conservative MPs; and Conservative MEP groupings]

The Voluntary Party [Including records of:- National Union of Conservative & Unionist Associations [NUA] and its Provincial Areas [ARE], National Advisory Committees, and Discussion Forums; the National Conservative Convention; and local Constituency Associations]

The Professional Party [Including records of:- Constituency and Area Agents [CCO 509]; Conservative Central Office/Conservative Campaign Headquarters, and its various departments [CCO]; the Conservative Political Centre/Conservative Policy Forum [CCO 150]; and the Conservative Research Department [CRD]. Also included in this section are the papers of 'high-level' policy or tactical committees representing all branches of the Party organisation, including:-the Cabinet Conservative Committee (1934-1935); the Post-War Problems Central Committee (1941-1946); the Advisory Committee on Policy (1946-c1981); the Tactical Committee (c1947-1951); the Liaison Committee (1951-1964; 1970-1973); the Steering Committee (1957-1979); the Policy Initiatives & Methods Committee (1966-1974); the Party Strategy Group (1974); the Strategy & Tactics Committee (c1978-1987); the Chairman's Committee (1966-1979); Keith Joseph's Committee (1975-1979); the Directors' Committee (1976-1981); and the Research Study Group (1953-1955) /Policy Study Group (1957-1959) /Chairman's Committee (1961-1963)/Official Group (1967-1974) which drafted the Party's election manifestos.]

Think tanks [Including records of:- The Bow Group; Centre for Policy Studies; The Monday Club; Civitas: The Institute for the Study of Civil Society; Institute of Economic Affairs; Institute of Fiscal Studies; Social Market Foundation; and the Selsdon Group]

Conservative Party-affiliated Groups, including youth organisations [Including records of:- the Conservative Friends of Poland; Association of Conservative Clubs; Conservative Councillors' Association; Conservative Group for Europe; Conservative Medical Society; Conservative Women's Organisation; Conservatives in the European Parliament; the National Society of Conservative & Unionist Agents; and the Society of Conservative Lawyers]

Conservative Training Colleges [Including:- the Philip Stott College, Overstone, Northampton; Bonar Law Memorial College, Ashridge, Hertfordshire; and Swinton College, Masham, Yorkshire]

Private Papers [Including the papers of:- Sir Michael (later Lord) Fraser; R. A. (later Lord) Butler; Sir Keith (later Lord) Joseph; Shirley Mathews (née Stotter), OBE]

Library of Printed and Published Material [Including pamphlets, newsletters and magazines published by the Party; Election leaflets, posters and manifestos; Press releases and speech transcripts; and microfilms]

Photographic and audio-visual collections [Including:- Collection of Press Agency photographs of Conservative Party conferences, events and personalities, 1903-present; Video tapes and audio cassettes of Party Conferences and Party Political Broadcasts; Copies of interviews with key Conservative Party personalities carried out either as part of our oral history programme or donated from other sources]

Conservative Party Archive

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