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Table of Contents

Conservative Party Election Manifestos, 1979-2009
The Campaign Guide, 1979-2009
Questions of Policy, 1971; 1984-1994
Ad hoc European Election publications, 1989
    Campaigning Notes, 1989
    European Parliamentary Election Memorandum, 1989

Published Material: Conservative Party European Election Publications, 1979-2009

Included within this section are publications produced by the Conservative Party prior to and during European Election campaigns. Included are:- the official Party manifesto and Campaign Guide for the majority of elections; the responses of the Questions of Policy Committee to requests for clarification of Party policy by Conservative Parliamentary Candidates; and other publications produced specifically for the election campaign either as campaigning literature or as guidance for Conservative candidates. This catalogue does not include Conservative Party European Election posters [for which, see Posters], or Leaflets and Handbills, for which a separate catalogue will follow in due course.

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Conservative Party Election Manifestos, 1979-2009

PUB 235/1 Conservative Manifesto for Europe 1979
PUB 157/5 Conservative Party Manifesto


  • Leading Europe into the 1990s: The Conservative Manifesto for Europe 1989 [64pp]
  • Leading Europe into the 1990s: The Conservative Manifesto for Europe 1989: European Elections 15 June 1989 [leaflet]

PUB 235/1a Conservative Manifesto for Europe: A Strong Britain in a Strong Europe

Note: [For duplicates of the 1994 European Manifesto, and Scottish and Welsh versions, see shelfmarks: CCO 508/14/4-6]


  • /1 Conservative Manifesto for Europe
  • /2 Scottish Conservative Manifesto for Europe
  • /3 Northern Ireland Conservative Manifesto for Europe
  • /4 Welsh Conservative Party Manifesto for Europe

PUB 235/18 North West Enterprise: Business Manifesto from the North West Tory Team for Europe 1994
PUB 235/1b Conservative Manifesto for Europe: In Europe, Not Run by Europe 1999
PUB 235/2 Putting Britain First: The Conservative European Manifesto 2004
PUB 235/19 Vote for Change: European Election Manifesto 2009

The Campaign Guide, 1979-2009

The Campaign Guide was an important compendium of facts and figures published by the Conservative Party in preparation for an election campaign. It provided the background for all important political questions of the period, as well as a full record of the performance of the Party as compared against the Opposition during the life of the previous Parliament. Each Guide is fully indexed by subject and contains a full conspectus of events and review of problems for each parliament, with extensive essential background information and appendices.

Whilst the guides are primarily designed for the Party's own candidates and officials, they are not confidential and are available to the press and other interested observers. The Campaign Guide is the Party's 'bible': the authoritative source for definitions of policy and for checking the terms of statements which have been made. When the Party has been in power, it provides a defence of the Conservative record with supporting statistics and examples; when their opponents have been in office, it offers chapter and verse on their failings.

The Campaign Guide is not a series of pledges or the official statement of the Party's programme: that is the role of the Manifesto. However the latter is brief and often deliberately kept to vague generalities, and it is the Campaign Guide which puts flesh on the bones. In practice - at least unofficially - it has come to be regarded as a supplement to the manifesto. As it is in the public arena and the Party can be challenged upon its contents, it is carefully drafted, rigorously checked, and quoted passages are buttressed by attribution or source. The guide is normally prefaced by an introduction from the Party leader which summarises the main planks of the programme and aims to set the tone of the campaign.

PUB 235/3 Campaign Guide for Europe 1979 Supplement 1979
PUB 224/28 Campaign Guide 1989
PUB 224/31 Campaign Guide 1994

Questions of Policy, 1971; 1984-1994

These volumes provide a detailed record of the requests for clarification of Party policy received from Conservative Parliamentary Candidates during election campaigns.

PUB 219/6 Common Market Questions 1971
PUB 219/10 European Elections 1984 1984
PUB 219/13 European Election 1994 1994

Ad hoc European Election publications, 1989

    Campaigning Notes, 1989

Format: A4. Published by the Conservative Research Department frequently, though not every day, for the duration of the 1989 European Election campaign.

PUB 264 Campaigning Notes: Nos. 1, 3-7, and 13 May-Jun 1989

    European Parliamentary Election Memorandum, 1989

Format: A4. Published by Conservative Central Office monthly prior to the 1989 European Elections. Its purpose was similar to the Election Manual issued by the Party prior to General Elections in that it gave guidance on the legislative requirements of the European Elections, and provided practical advice on running the election campaign.

PUB 265 European Parliamentary Election Memorandum

Alternatively known as the European Assembly Election Memorandum. Includes:-

  • No. 2: 09/02/1989
  • No. 3: 09/03/1989
  • No. 4: 04/05/1989
  • No. 6: 25/05/1989
  • No. 8: 08/06/1989

Feb-Jun 1989

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