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Table of Contents

The arts, 1975-6
Bow Group, n.d.
West Woolwich, 1975
Civil Service, 1975-8
Common Market, 1975-1977
Community Land Act, 1976
Company Law Reform, 1975-6
Correspondence, 1975-8
Devolution, n.d.
Economics, 1973-1978
Education, 1975-6
Electoral Reform, 1975-6
Fisheris and Agriculture, 1975-7
Foreign Affairs, 1975-6
Government, 1970-8
Home Office, 1975-8
Trade and Industry, 1974-1978
Committee Papers and Correspondence, 1974-9
Letter Books, 1975-8
Policy, 1975-6
National Union, 1975
Northern Ireland, 1975-6
Universities, Outside Helpers and Experts, 1975-8
Miscellaneous Issues for Discussion, 1975
General Political, 1975-7
Policy, 1975-7
Regional Policy, 1976
Scotland, 1975-8
Social Services, 1969-78
Speeches, 1969-75
Training, 1975-7
Transport, 1976
Wales, 1975-7
Young People, 1975-6

Keith Joseph Papers, 1969-79

Papers of Keith Joseph, Secretary of State for Health and Social Services (1970-74) and Chairman of the Centre for Policy Studies (1974-9), 1969-79

Shelfmarks: KJ 1-34

Extent: 131 shelfmarks

Organisational History

Keith Sinjohn Joseph, Baron Joseph (1918-1994) was Secretary of State for Health and Social Services, 1970-74, and founded the Centre for Policy Studies with Margaret Thatcher in 1974, acting as Chairman, 1974-9. Details are given in Who Was Who.

Restrictions on Access

Closed without permission from Conservative Central Office.

Preferred Form of Citation

Oxford, Bodleian Library, Conservative Party Archive [followed by shelfmark, e.g. KJ 1/1].

Personal names (NCA Rules)

Joseph | Keith Sinjohn | 1918-1994 | Baron Joseph | politician

Corporate names (NCA Rules)

Centre for Policy Studies
Great Britain and Northern Ireland | Department of Health and Social Security

Subjects (LCSH)

Political planning
Social services

The arts, 1975-6

KJ 1/1 The arts, 1975-6

Memorandum by Capt. Jeremy Elewes on future policy for eduction, the arts, crafts, heritage, design and leisure. Sent to Keith Joseph 1975. Letter from Keith Joseph to Norman St. John - Stevas on NFFC's future, 1976


Bow Group, n.d.

KJ 2/1 Bow Group, 1975

Suggestion by Keith Joseph for Bow Group to undertake studies on Overseas Aid and the Post Office Monopoly


West Woolwich, 1975

KJ 3/1 West Woolwich By-Election, 1975

Additional comments on ORC survey report by James Douglas, CRD, and a brief on social services in West Woolwich


Civil Service, 1975-8

KJ 4/1 Civil Service policy 1975-8

Common Market, 1975-1977

KJ 5/1 Letter from Tim Normanton MP and MEP (1973-1979) to Sir Keith Joseph concerning discussions within the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs on the crisis in the iron and steel industry, 25/05/1977


  • Conservative Research Department brief, EAC(76)3: First report from the Select Committee on Direct Elections to the European Assembly, 06/07/1976 [Author: RPT/CFR]
  • Report, ‘Guidelines adopted by the Commission for Steel Policy’, ND [1977]
  • Report, ‘The Situation of the Community Steel Industry’, ND [1977]
  • European Commission report [ref. COM(77) 145], ‘Consultation of the Council on the introduction of minimum prices for concrete reinforcing bars within the Common Market pursuant to Article 61(b) of the ESCS Treaty’, 13/04/1977
  • European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs report on the crisis in the European Community iron and steel industry, 04/05/1977

Community Land Act, 1976

KJ 6/1 Community Land Act Jan. 1976

Company Law Reform, 1975-6

KJ 7/1 Company Law Reform 1975-6

Correspondence, 1975-8

KJ 8/1 General Correspondence Mar.-Nov. 1975
KJ 8/2 General Correspondence Nov. 1975-Apr. 1976
KJ 8/3 General Correspondence, including some with constituents, with occasional draft responses from the Conservative Research Department

Correspondents include:-

  • Austin-William, Mrs R
  • Baker, John, Baker Brothers Litho Ltd, Pontefract
  • Baker, Peter
  • Block, Geoffrey, Conservative Research Department
  • Bourne-Arton, Mr AT, Regional Land Drainage Committee, Yorkshire Water Authority
  • Bridgehouse, DP
  • Byrd, Pratt, US Embassy
  • Clark, Joanna Gordon, Friends of the Earth
  • Cluderay, Mrs Hilda
  • Cooper, JD, Director, English Clay Lovering Pochin & Co. Ltd
  • Crossley, Councillor W, Macclesfield Borough Council
  • Dada, Israel
  • Davies, DTH, Secretary, Wales Region, Self Employed Action Groups
  • Eastgate, HR, Department of Education, Leeds City Council
  • Edwards, CC, Vice-Chairman, Welsh Region, National Association for the Self-Employed
  • Faber, JP
  • Farndon, John, Truro Divisional Conservative and Unionist Association
  • Fenton, R, Kingston upon Hull Conservative Federation
  • Gilliard, CW, National and Local Government Officers’ Association
  • Gough, Col. Frederick
  • Hansard, Gerald, G. Hansard & Associates, Corporate Productivity Specialists
  • Hull, Mr AHS, London Swinton Circle
  • Hussain, Sadiq, Conservative and Commonwealth Overseas Council
  • Jenkins, Desmond
  • Jones, Garth Owen, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Swansea
  • Joseph, Sir Keith
  • Keeling, Mrs Mary Lloyd
  • Langford-Holt, Sir John, MP for Shrewsbury
  • Laws, DT, Central Office Agent, Wales Area
  • McNee, Mona Mrs
  • Marsh, E. de B, Director, Engineering Employers’ Federation
  • Molson, Lord
  • Penney, John A
  • Poeton, WG, President, SW Regional Council, Association of Independent Businesses
  • Schon, Lord, Chairman, National Research Development Corporation
  • Suess, Nicholas E
  • Todd, DF, Croydon North East Conservative Association
  • Walker, Eric
  • Wilson, AP, Fairway Electrical

Subjects include:-

  • Conservative Party income from industrial donations
  • Influence of industrial performance on the Money Supply
  • Child Benefit
  • Mauritius
  • Fluoridation of the water supply
  • Chiropody
  • Bank guarantees and bonds
  • Denationalisation and the Closed Shop
  • Whale-hunting and import of Sperm Whale products into the UK
  • Overseas borrowing
  • Cuts in public spending
  • The Pairing System and Junior Ministers’ ability to attend meetings overseas
  • Britain’s relations with the Third World
  • National Insurance benefits and contributions for the self-employed
  • Recycling
  • The future of Water Companies
  • The dangers of Communism
  • Bill of Rights
  • The Oakes Report concerning disconnection of gas and electricity supplies from non-payers
  • Failings of the Children and Young Persons Act 1969
  • Use of local authority printing facilities for commercial purposes
  • Visits by the Wales Confederation of British Industry to the House of Commons
  • Immigration
  • Social Security abuse


  • Press release containing text of a Party Political Broadcast by Keith Speed MP, Opposition Spokesman on Local Government, 05/05/1976

May-Nov 1976
KJ 8/4 General Correspondence, including some with constituents, with occasional draft responses from the Conservative Research Department

Correspondents include:-

  • Amos, P
  • Awdry, Daniel, MP for Chippenham
  • Barnes, KB, Regional Secretary, East Midlands Region, Confederation of British Industry
  • Bell, Miss Margaret
  • Bennett, Reginald, MP for Fareham
  • Benson, RA
  • Bevebridge, Miss AE
  • Blackburn, DG
  • Bowen-Gotham, A, City of Manchester Conservative Association
  • Bowey, RC, Managing Director, Martin-Thomas Limited, Andover
  • Brady, Helen
  • Browning, CH, Chairman, Southend & District National Federation of Self-Employed Limited
  • Calder, Dr JA
  • Campbell, Group Captain AP
  • Carr, Colin
  • Chapman, BP, Commercial Manager, Air Anglia Ltd, Norwich
  • Crouch, James
  • Crutwell, HJ
  • Cutler, Basil
  • Davis, Avril
  • Dennis, T Morley
  • Donnelly, Mrs B
  • Dumas, Charles [formerly of the Conservative Research Department, 1968-1971]
  • English, Jeffrey, Willis Parsons English & Co., Chartered Accountants
  • Evans, Donald
  • Ferguson, Andrew JD
  • Gardiner, George, Editor, Conservative Monthly News
  • Gough, Col. CFH
  • Hobday, DH
  • Hodgson, Mrs E
  • Hyman, Michael R
  • Izzard, Mrs I
  • Jeans, Councillor Charles, Chairman, Cleethorpes Young Conservatives
  • Lindsay, David G
  • Lyles, J, Chairman, S. Lyles, Sons & Co. Ltd, Dewsbury
  • McChlean, Mr GMM
  • Miller, Mrs M
  • Moore, Mrs Patricia
  • Moreland, Robert
  • Morgan-Giles, Rear Morgan Admiral, MP for Winchester
  • Murphy, Christopher, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Welwyn & Hatfield Conservative Association
  • Myers, Miss M
  • Nadin, Maurice
  • Newton, AG
  • Old, Harry
  • Parker, Mrs
  • Passmore, MA [‘Biddy’], Conservative Research Department
  • Pavlin, Charles
  • Peters, NA, Managing Director, Linolite Limited, Malmesbury
  • Portillo, Michael, Conservative Research Department
  • Pratt, GA, Clerk to Accrington Borough and Rossendale Justices
  • Rayner, RJ, Harrison Cowley Advertising
  • Riddall, John G
  • Roberts, MC, Deloitte & Co
  • Rowlinson, Peter, Chairman, Rowlinson Construction Ltd, Poynton, Cheshire
  • Savage, Geoff
  • Scott-Hopkins, James, Chairman, European Democratic Group
  • Showman, Hymie
  • Smith, Mrs PM
  • Somerville, Air Commodore DM
  • Spring, William
  • Stewart, Donald
  • Thompson, Mrs M
  • Thorneycroft, Dr WT, Corporate Planning Manager, English Clay Lovering Pochin & Co., Ltd
  • Wallace, KG, Managing Director, Task Power and Control Ltd
  • Wheatley, JA, The Elite Hosiery Ltd, Hinkley
  • White, D
  • Willis, A
  • Wood, WJ, Chairman, National Employers’ Association

Subjects include:-

  • Seal culling in Canada
  • Welfare of live animals in transit during export from the UK
  • Inclusion of restrictive clauses in Government contracts with private firms designed to enforce compliance with the Government’s pay policy
  • Married persons pensions for widows and widowers
  • Bank nationalisation
  • Capital Transfer Tax
  • Fluoridation of the water supply
  • 50-mile fishing limit
  • Aviation Security Fund
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Request to open the new offices of Rowlinson Construction Ltd in Poynton, Cheshire
  • Payment of rates on empty commercial properties
  • Reorganisation of the Water Industry and the British Waterways Board
  • Proposed increases in VAT
  • Security of tenure
  • Complaint at letter published in September 1977 issue of Conservative Monthly News under the headline, ‘Remember – a million homosexuals vote Tory’
  • Proposed revisions to the Employment Protection Act
  • Choice of secondary school place
  • Sovereignty negotiations with Argentina over the Falkland Island
  • BBC Overseas Broadcasts
  • Audit requirements on small businesses
  • Pensions: Self-employed and public service
  • Working wives’ tax allowance
  • Membership of the Common Market
  • Trade Unions and the Closed Shop
  • Child Benefit
  • Increase in crime
  • Proposed extension of the nuclear reprocessing facilities at Windscale
  • Aircraft and Shipbuilding Bill
  • Direct Taxation
  • Application for post as Northern Ireland Desk Officer, Conservative Research Department
  • Financial plight of Lady Clementine Churchill, widow of Sir Winston
  • Cuts in Scottish higher education funding
  • Control of the Money Supply and reduction of public expenditure
  • The Declaration of Human Rights and the right of parents to choose schools for their children
  • Support for private schools
  • Terrorism, and in particularly the release of Abu Daoud, member of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation and Black September, by the French Government
  • Compulsory Purchase
  • Taxation Policy Group
  • Devolution
  • The Aerospace Industry
  • Recycling


  • RSPCA leaflet ‘Stop the export of live food animals. Does your MP know the facts?’ ND [c1975-1978]
  • CBI leaflet no. 32, ‘CBI talking points. A Contract for Chaos? CBI seeks justice for Government contractors’, Feb 1978
  • Petition pressing for the ban on live exports from the UK, Leeds North East constituency, ND [Dec 1977]
  • Annual report and accounts of Rowlinson Constructions Group, 1977
  • 10 anti- Labour Party cartoons offered for use by the Party by cartoonist Dr JR Calder, Mar 1977
  • Conservative Central Office press release containing transcript of speech by Sir Geoffrey Howe to a meeting of the Conservative Backbench Finance Committee, 25/01/1977

Nov 1976-May 1978
KJ 8/5 General Correspondence June-Nov. 1978
KJ 8/6 Correspondence with John Biffen on Energy Feb.-Aug. 1976
KJ 8/7 Correspondence with CCO Apr. 1975-Nov. 1977
KJ 8/8 Correspondence with James Douglas May 1975-July 1977
KJ 8/9 Correspondence with Sir Michael Havers (Bill of Rights) Mar. 1975-June 1976
KJ 8/10 Correspondence with Michael Heseltine Mar. 1975-June 1976
KJ 8/11 Correspondence, between Sir Keith Joseph and Sir Geoffrey Howe, mainly concerning a tax credit scheme for families with children

Other correspondents include:-

  • Bellairs, Charles, Conservative Research Department
  • Hordern, Peter, MP for Horsham and Crawley
  • Howson, Barry C, UK Director, Colin McIver Associates (Ireland) Ltd, Marketing & Management Consultants
  • Mockler, Christopher, Conservative Research Department


  • Paper, ‘Children’ concerning the Government’s anticipated increase in Child Benefit, 23/06/1977, Tim Boswell, Conservative Research Department
  • Report of a seminar held at City University on ‘The problems of Monetary Control – the recent experience of Germany, Switzerland and the USA’, 24/01/1977, Dr Karl Brunner, Professor of Economics at the Universities of Bern and Rochester

May 1975-Sep 1977
KJ 8/12 Correspondence with Patrick Jenkin on Energy Oct. 1975-Feb. 1976
KJ 8/13 Correspondence with Angus Maude Dec. 1975-June 1978
KJ 8/14 Correspondence with MPs and Peers July 1975-Feb. 1978
KJ 8/15 Correspondence with Chris Patten

Correspondents include:-

  • Joseph, Sir Keith
  • Patten, Chris, Director, Conservative Research Department
  • Taylor, Edward, MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland

Subjects include:-

  • Manifesto meetings and preparations
  • Conservative commitment to build a dual carriageway between Perth and Aberdeen
  • Direct Elections to the European Parliament
  • Contact with the German CDU
  • Response to CRD brief PFC(75)9: Unemployment and the Economic Situation


  • Report of meeting between a delegation from the Conservative Research Department headed by Chris Patten and representatives of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung of the German CDU, West Germany, 16/02/1978
  • Centre for Policy Studies press release entitled ‘What the December Unemployment Figures Really Show’, 23/12/1975
  • Conservative Research Department brief, PFC(75)9 Unemployment and the Economic Situation, 16/12/1975 [Author: AB/RG/PC/LAE/LSA]
  • Election leaflets of the Liberal and National Country Parties, Australia:
    • Social Welfare Policy, Oct 1975
    • Federalism Policy, Sep 1975
    • Sir Robert Menzies Lecture ‘Government and the People’ by Malcolm Fraser MP, Leader of the Opposition, 22/09/1975
    • Immigration and Ethnic Affairs Policy, Aug 1975
    • Foreign Investment Policy, Oct 1975
    • Foreign Policy: International Development Assistance Policy, Oct 1975
    • Employment and Industrial Relations Policy, ND
    • Defence Policy, Oct 1975

Dec 1975-Jun 1978
KJ 8/16 Correspondence with James Prior June 1975-Feb. 1978
KJ 8/17 Correspondence with Francis Pym Mar.-Apr. 1977
KJ 8/18 Correspondence, mainly with Timothy Raison MP

Correspondents include:-

  • Ash, Maurice, Chairman of Executive, Town and Country Planning Association
  • Bellairs, Charles, Conservative Research Department
  • Fowler, Norman, MP, Shadow Minister of Transport
  • Havers, Sir Michael, MP
  • Joseph, Keith, MP, Chairman, Advisory Committee on Policy
  • Latham, Michael, MP, Vice-Chairman, Conservative Parliamentary Housing and Construction Committee
  • Raison, Timothy, MP, Shadow Front Bench Spokesman on the Environment
  • Rossi, Hugh, MP for Hornsey, Chairman of Policy Group on the Private Rented Sector
  • Speed, Keith, MP for Ashford

Subjects include:-

  • Private investment in rented property
  • Membership of policy groups
  • Development Land Tax and the Community Land Bill
  • Town and Country planning
  • Sale of Housing Association houses


  • Minutes of the 6th meeting of the Policy Group on Town and Country Planning, 16/02/1976
  • Report on Building and Planning Control by Ewart B Redfern, 08/06/1976
  • Department of the Environment press release containing transcript of speech by Peter Shore MP, Labour Environment Secretary on ‘Housing Tenure’, 07/09/1976

Jul 1975-Nov 1977
KJ 8/19 Correspondence with Nicholas Ridley Feb. 1976-Mar. 1978
KJ 8/20 Correspondence with Norman St. John-Stevas Mar. 1975-June 1978
KJ 8/21 Correspondence with Mrs. Thatcher's office

Correspondents include:-

  • Falconer, Noel, Faculty of Economics and Social Studies, University of Manchester
  • Ferranti, Boz de, Ferranti Ltd
  • Greenland, Tony, Conservative Research Department
  • Howe, Derek, Leader’s Private Office
  • Howe, Sir Geoffrey, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Humphreys, Colin J, Department of Metallurgy and Science of Materials, University of Oxford
  • Joseph, Sir Keith
  • Neave, Airey, Head of Leader’s Private Office
  • Patten, Chris, Director, Conservative Research Department
  • Sieff, Marcus, President, Anglo-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Subjects include:-

  • Offer of assistance in policy formulation by Colin J Humphreys, Department of Metallurgy and Science of Materials, University of Oxford
  • Request for 90th birthday greeting to be sent to Nobel Prize-winner Professor AV Hill
  • Invitation for Margaret Thatcher to attend the Annual Anglo-Israel Chamber of Commerce Luncheon as Guest of Honour
  • The Anti-Boycott Co-ordination Committee and attempt to arrive at a common European policy concerning Israel and the Palestinians
  • Formation of a small, inner group of the Shadow Cabinet to ‘ensure that all colleagues share a common set of purposes’
  • British Airways’ reaction to Thatcher’s defence of Laker Airways on Question Time
  • Drinks reception of Lobby Correspondents during the Recess

Aug. 1975-Feb. 1977
KJ 8/22 Correspondence between Sir Keith Joseph and Margaret Thatcher

Subjects include:-

  • Recruitment of successor to Campbell Adamson as Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry, Oct 1975
  • Alternate Monday evening discussions on policy, Nov 1975
  • Electoral reform, Jan 1976
  • Attendance at Advisory Committee on Policy meeting, Feb 1976
  • Confidentiality of policy group meeting minutes, Apr 1976
  • Timetable for policy group reports to the Shadow Cabinet, May 1976
  • Policy document for dissemination at the Party Conference, May 1976
  • Sensitivity of big business to Conservative Party criticism, May 1976
  • Local Authority finance, Aug 1976
  • Advisers to take into Government, Aug 1976
  • Advice bureau run by the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Fulham, Martin Stevens, Nov 1976
  • Establishment of a Steering Committee to consider a European-wide election campaign, Nov 1976
  • Meeting with Amnesty International concerning Human Rights matters, Apr 1977
  • Abolition of Quangos, Mar 1978
  • Regional Conservative Party manifestos and their compatibility with the national manifesto, May 1978
  • Conservative policy towards the nationalised British National Oil Corporation (BNOC), May-Jun 1978


  • Paper, ‘Draft questions for Mrs Thatcher, to be first considered by Mr Whitelaw’, ND [c.Nov 1976] concerning the steps to be taken following a Conservative Party general election victory [Author unknown, Keith Joseph?]; Annotated]
  • Statement by Amnesty International concerning human rights in Ethiopia, Mar 1977
  • Press release by Amnesty International British Section, ‘Amnesty International submits evidence on Human Rights violations in Ethiopia to United States Congress Sub-committee on Military Aid’, 28/03/977
  • Paper, ‘Public Sector Manpower’, 14/07/1977 [Author: GSC/AME; 16pp]
  • Paper, ‘The Great and the Good’ concerning the Labour Government’s increase in the number of Quangos and their proposed abolition, ND [c. Mar 1978]; Author not given.
  • Minutes of meeting concerning Conservative policy towards the British National Oil Corporation, 19/04/1978, attended by Sir Keith Joseph, Tom King, Nicholas Ridley, Adam Ridley, George Cardona, Michael Portillo
  • Newspaper cutting from Sunday Telegraph featuring critical article by Tom King concerning the British National Oil Corporation, entitled ‘Trimming Lord Kearton’s Sails’, 11/06/1978

Aug 1975-Jun 1978
KJ 8/23 Correspondence with Lord Thorneycroft Nov. 1975-Apr. 1977
KJ 8/24 Correspondence with Alec Todd (Communications) Oct. 1975-Jan.1976
KJ 8/25 Correspondence with William Whitelaw Sept. 1975-May 1977

Devolution, n.d.

KJ 9/1 Devolution, - extract from speech by T. Taylor to Bow Group n.d.

Economics, 1973-1978

KJ 10/1 Earnings Rule for Pensioners 1976
KJ 10/2 Published leaflets and reports by Phillips & Drew of London


  • Gilt-Edged Research, 19/05/1975
  • The UK Economic Outlook, 28/05/1975
  • Corporate Liquidity, 28/05/1975
  • Inflation Accounting, 28/05/1975
  • Economic Forecasts - the background for business and investment, Jun 1975
KJ 10/3 General economic policy: correspondence, press cuttings and papers

Subjects includes:-

  • West German Industrial Relations
  • the Royal Commission on the Distribution of Income and Wealth
  • Wage rates and Earnings
  • Retail prices and the balance of payments
  • Pay settlements
  • the increase in VAT on boats and accessories
  • the increase in VAT on television rentals
  • PAYE
Jul 1973-Sep 1975
KJ 10/4 Synopsis of the manuscript of Principles and Practice of Team Enterprise by George Copeman, which was due to be published in 1976. Sent with covering letter to Sir Keith Joseph dated 29/09/1975 1975
KJ 10/5 General Economic Policy letters

Correspondents include:-

  • Ball, Prof. RJ
  • Duncan, Mr AV
  • Howell, David, MP
  • Mckenzie, Heather, National Council for the Single Woman and her Dependants
  • Nott, John, MP
  • Ridley, Adam
  • Thatcher, Margaret, MP
  • Tugendhat, Christopher, MP

Subjects include:-

  • The taxation and investment income of retired people and the terms of the Finance Bill
  • rates of domestic unemployment
  • inflation
  • Index-linked salaries and pensions
  • Monetary policy
  • Single women with elderly dependants
  • Tax Credit Scheme
  • Dividends control
  • the Wilson Committee on the Funding of Financial Institutions


  • Notes of a meeting of the Wider Share Ownership Council attended by Sir Keith Joseph and David Howell at the Centre for Policy Studies, 29/09/1975
May 1975-Aug 1977
KJ 10/6 Minutes and papers of the Economic Reconstruction Group

[The Group was chaired by Sir Geoffrey Howe and its main focus was on public expenditure; the absorption of private industry into the public sector; the tax system; price, profit and dividend control; and inflation. It met for the first time on 20/06/1975]


  • Notes of an all-day meeting on economic policy held on 18/05/1975
May-Nov 1975
KJ 10/7 Minutes and papers of the Economic Reconstruction Group


  • Final Report of the Nationalised Industries Policy Group chaired by Nicholas Ridley, dated 08/07/1977
  • Copy of paper presented by David Howell MP at a seminar held by the Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of California: Programme Budgeting and its Implications for Public Accountability and Government Structure in the United Kingdom, 17/10/1969
Dec 1975-Jun 1977
KJ 10/8 Correspondence between Sir Keith Joseph and Sir Edward Woodroofe, AWP Stenham and David Orr, all of Unilever Ltd, and Nigel Mobbs of Slough Estates Ltd concerning Joseph’s remit from Heath to study and promote the merits of the free economies in Holland, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany, focusing primarily on the waste in public expenditure Mar 1974-Oct 1976
KJ 10/9 Conservative Party Fundraising 1975
KJ 10/10 ORC report on attitudes to the Governments pay and prices policies Aug. 1975
KJ 10/11 Correspondence concerning economic policy, mainly between Sir Geoffrey Howe and Sir Keith Joseph, including the setting up of three main economic policy groups – Group A concerned with economic reconstruction, Group B concerned with the public sector, and Group C concerned with taxation


  • Notes of an all-day discussion on Economic Policy between Geoffrey Howe, David Howell, John Nott, Adam Ridley, Michael Niblock and Anne Bulloch, 18/05/1975
  • Minutes of a meeting on Economic Policy held in the Leader of the Opposition’s Office at the House of Commons on 08/07/1975
May 1975-Dec 1976
KJ 10/12 Prices and Consumer Affairs 1976-7
KJ 10/13 Controlling Public Expenditure/Public Sector Group June 1975-Feb. 1976
KJ 10/14 Controlling Public Expenditure/Public Sector Group Feb. 1976-Feb. 1978
KJ 10/15 Public Sector manpower (correspondence with Kenneth Baker on) 1976
KJ 10/16 Public Sector Policy Group minutes and papers

[The terms of reference of the Public Sector Policy Group were, ‘To consider policies for the control and financing of the public sector. Topics to be taken account of include: Machinery of Government, programme control; Nationalised industries’ finance; Scope and control of main spending agencies and services of central government; Scope and control of local authority spending.’ It met from June 1975 and was chaired by John Nott]

Jun-Jul 1975
KJ 10/17 Public Sector Policy Group minutes and papers


  • The First Report of the Public Sector Manpower Group, dated 25/07/1975
  • The Second Interim Report of the Public Sector Policy Group, 13/07/1977
Oct 1975-Jul 1977
KJ 10/18 The Self-Employed Policy Group: correspondence and internal memoranda, especially with the National Association of Self Employed concerning changes to the Self Employed' national insurance contributions

[This Group was set up by Norman Fowler, Shadow Social Services Minister on 19th May 1975 under the chairmanship of Paul Dean, MP]

Includes draft report, Sep 1975 and interim report of the Conservatives' Self-Employed Policy Group, 01/10/1975

Jul-Oct 1975
KJ 10/19 Allocation of 'short money' for topping up salaries of Shadow Cabinet 1975
KJ 10/20 Small Businesses: correspondence with the Small Landlords Association, the Smaller Firms Council of the Confederation of British Industry and the Parliamentary Smaller Business Committee Policy Group


  • Pamphlet, 1974. The beginning of the end of socialism and democracy, DD Wedgewood, [ND]
  • Minutes of the Special Session of the Confederation of British Industry held on 17/03/1975
  • Leaflet, CBI Talking Points, Apr 1975
Mar 1975-Jan 1977
KJ 10/21 Taxation 1974-5
KJ 10/22 Taxation 1975-8

Education, 1975-6

KJ 11/1 Correspondence concerning Education Policy, mainly the proposed introduction of a voucher scheme

Correspondents include:-

  • Atkins, Humphrey, MP for Spelthorne
  • Baguley, Peter, Secretary, Conservative National Advisory Committee on Education
  • Bellairs, Charles, Conservative Research Department
  • Bogdanor, Vernon, Brasenose College, Oxford
  • Bowden, Lord, Principal, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
  • Boyson, Dr Rhodes, MP, Chairman, Education Voucher Policy Group
  • Coleman, JP, Chairman, Gresham Lion Ltd
  • Hampson, Dr Keith, MP for Ripon
  • Maynard, Alan, University of York
  • Ranelagh, John, Conservative Research Department
  • Seldon, Marjorie, Chairman, Friends of the Education Voucher Experiment in Representative Regions (F.E.V.E.R)

Subjects include:-

  • Policy groups on educational subjects
  • Vouchers scheme
  • Direct Grant schools
  • Parents’ Charter


  • Paper, ‘Some observations on universities, graduates and the further education requirements for industry’, JP Coleman, Chairman, Gresham Lion Ltd, 05/07/1972
  • Paper, ‘A Statement on the possible transfer of teachers’ salary payments from local government to central government’, Conservative National Advisory Committee on Education, May 1975
  • Transcript of speech by Lord Bowden of Chesterfield to the Scientific Research Society of North America: ‘Research and Education in Times of Inflation’, Sep 1975
  • Progress report on the Education Voucher Policy Group, 21/10/1975
  • Press release issued by Dr Keith Hampson, MP for Ripon and Secretary of the Conservative Backbench Education Committee, concerning overseas students in Higher Education in the UK, 24/10/1975
  • Paper, ‘Some objections to proposals for vouchers in Education’, Vernon Bogdanor, ND [Nov 1975]
  • Paper, ‘Our Proposed Parents’ Charter’, Charles Bellairs, Conservative Research Department, 24/11/1975
  • Paper, ‘Direct Grant Schools – our attitude’, Charles Bellairs, Conservative Research Department, 25/11/1975
  • Paper, ‘Education vouchers and Local Government Finance’, Alan Maynard, Department of Economics, University of York, ND

Jul 1972; May-Dec 1975
KJ 11/2 General correspondence concerning Education Policy

Correspondents include:-

  • Bogdanor, Vernon, Brasenose College, Oxford
  • Hampson, Dr Keith, MP for Ripon
  • Harrison, H, Personnel Manager, Appleyard Group
  • Lindop, Sir Norman, Hatfield Polytechnic
  • Mustill, Clem, Leeds Productivity Association
  • Taylor, RG, Joint Director, Leeds Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Subjects include:-

  • Educational standards
  • Grammar schools
  • Voucher scheme for education
  • Funding for education


  • Press cutting from the Daily Telegraph 27/01/1976: ‘Kill off education’s sacred cows’, Dr Rhodes Boyson MP
  • Paper, ‘Education’, Vernon Bogdanor, Brasenose College, Oxford, Mar 1976
  • Survey of Educational Standards of School Leavers for the Leeds Chamber of Commerce, Aug 1976
  • Annotated paper, ‘Comments on Education Cuts Paper’, no author given, ND
  • Paper, ‘Education’, Kenneth Baker, 08/11/1976

Jan-Nov 1976
KJ 11/3 Approaches to foundations for funding for research into educaton and children 1975
KJ 11/4 'Paying for Schooling' typescript by TE Utley and J Udal n.d.

Electoral Reform, 1975-6

KJ 12/1 Electoral reform papers, 1975 (incld. 'Thinking aloud on electoral reform' by Samuel Brittan and comments on it by Norman Lamont) 1975
KJ 12/2 ORC report on electoral reform, 'Public attidutes to Electoral Reform' 1975
KJ 12/3 Alternative electoral systems by James Douglas, CRD 1975
KJ 12/4 Conservative Action for Electoral Reform (CAER)- evidence or the Hansard Society's Commission of Inquiry into electoral reform under the chairmanship of Lord Blake 1976
KJ 12/5 Proportional Representation 1975-6

Fisheris and Agriculture, 1975-7

KJ 13/1 Fisheries and Agriculture Nov. 1975-July 1977

Foreign Affairs, 1975-6

KJ 14/1 Foreign Affairs/Research/Aid Policy 1975-6
KJ 14/2 Australian Government Management Plans (sent to PMs Office) 1976
KJ 14/3 Typescript summary of the political situation in Israel entitled The Malaise in Israel, by Chaim Herzog, covering the period from just prior to the Six Day War up to the outbreak of the Arab-Israel War of 1973, May 1967-Oct 1973

[Chaim Herzog was a commentator for Kol Israel Radio News during the Six Day War, and subsequently Military Governor of East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. He was Israeli Ambassador to the UN between 1975-1978]


Government, 1970-8

KJ 15/1 Machinery of Government issues (including Parliamentary and Public Expenditure; decision-making in the Government) 1970-8
KJ 15/2 [Authority in Government- correspondence with Lord Carrington]

Note: File missing


Home Office, 1975-8

KJ 16/1 Home Office matters 1975-6
KJ 16/2 Local Government issues 1975-8
KJ 16/3 Rates and Housing 1975-6
KJ 16/4 Two copy letters from Sir Keith Joseph to Michael Heseltine concerning rates, town and country planning, and the environment 25/11/1976; 27/04/1977
KJ 16/5 Correspondence, memoranda, speech transcripts and extracts from Hansard and the Campaign Guide concerning immigration, including repatriation, opportunities for restricting immigration, and illegal immigration

Correspondents include:-

  • Bell, Ronald, MP for Beaconsfield (1974-1982)
  • Dobbs, Michael, Conservative Research Department
  • Gilmour, Ian, Shadow Home Secretary (1975-1976)
  • Joseph, Sir Keith, Shadow Minister with responsibility for policy formulation and research (1975-1979)
  • Paine, G, Director and Registrar General, Office of Population Censuses and Surveys
  • Patten, Chris, Director, Conservative Research Department (1974-1979)


  • Transcript of speech by Ian Gilmour, Opposition Spokesman for Home Affairs, at Amersham, 24/06/1975
  • Race Relations and Immigration Policy Group interim report, 24/07/1975
  • Newsletter of the Immigration Standing Committee, July/Aug 1975
  • Transcript of speech by Ian Gilmour, Opposition Spokesman for Home Affairs, to the Bristol North-East Women’s Luncheon Club, 17/09/1975
  • Conservative Research Department brief, ‘Repatriation of Immigrants’, 16/12/1975 [Author: MD/CFR]
  • Conservative Research Department brief, ‘Immigration into Britain: some options for restriction’, 16/12/1975 [Author: MD/CFR]
  • Transcript, presumably of a speech, entitled ‘The Great Betrayal’, Ronald M Bell, MP, ND [1976]
  • Transcript of speech by Ronald M Bell, MP to the Hampstead Young Conservatives, 20/07/1976
Mar 1975-Jun 1976
KJ 16/6 Town Planning 1975-6
KJ 16/7 Waste (Local Government and waste collection and disposal) 1975

Trade and Industry, 1974-1978

KJ 17/1 Correspondence, newspaper cuttings and reports concerning the nationalisation of the aerospace industry, particularly with Hawker Siddeley Aviation Ltd and the British Aircraft Corporation Ltd


  • ‘Nationalisation of Aerospace – A summary of policy recommendations for the Industry’, compiled by the Joint Unions’ Committee, Hawker Siddeley Aviation Ltd, Jan 1975
  • ‘H.S.A Workload Situation’, Mar 1975
  • ‘Aircraft and Shipbuilding Industries Bill – Views of BAC’, Sep 1975
  • ‘Is there a future for the British Aerospace Industry?’ by Geoffrey Pattie MP, Oct 1975
  • Transcript of speech given to the Bristol Chamber of Commerce, presumably by Sir Keith Joseph, 03/10/1975
Jan 1975-Aug 1976
KJ 17/2 Correspondence between Sir Keith Joseph and the Confederation of British Industry, primarily concerning the high level of public expenditure


  • Minutes of a meeting between Sir Keith Joseph, Francis Pym and a delegation from the National Farmers’ Union concerning devolution and the Farmers’ Union of Wales, 12/06/1976
  • Notes of a meeting between delegates from the Wales Region Self-Employed Action Group and Keith Joseph, 12/06/1976
Nov 1975-Jul 1976
KJ 17/3 Correspondence between Sir Keith Joseph, the Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors and the Engineering Industry Training Board concerning the provision of technical training for the Engineering Industry Oct 1975-Dec 1976
KJ 17/4 Correspondence and papers concerning industrial relations, especially training

Correspondents include:-

  • Prior, James, MP
  • Laing, Hector, United Biscuits
  • Elliott, Christian, Chairman, Birmingham University Conservative Association


  • Training Service Agency pamphlets:-

    Note: [The Training Service Agency was formed as an executive arm of the Manpower Services Commission, which was set up by Heath in 1973]

    • [TSA L4] ‘Your chance to learn a new skill with the Training Opportunities Scheme’, 1974
    • [TSA L5] ‘Start a new career in office work with the Training Opportunities Scheme’, 1974
    • [TSA L6] ‘Make a fresh start with the Training Opportunities Scheme’, June 1974
    • [TSA L7] ‘Short industrial courses under the Training Opportunities Scheme’, 1974
    • [TSA L8] Train for a new career in management’, Dec 1974
    • [TSA L9] ‘Weekly tax-free payments for TOPS trainees’, Aug 1975
    • [TSA L10] ‘Training Services’ 1974
    • [TSA L20] ‘Five good reasons why the Training Opportunities Scheme is TOPS’, 1975
  • Transcript of paper given by Sir Anthony Bowlby at the Employee Relations Conference, 23-25 April 1975
  • Transcript of lecture given at Durham by Sir John Donaldson, ND
Jun 1974-Jul 1975
KJ 17/5 Correspondence and papers concerning Industrial Relations

Subjects include:-

  • Opinion polls and trade unions
  • Collective bargaining
  • Industrial relations at Tarmac Construction Limited of Wolverhampton
  • Employee participation
  • The ‘Closed Shop’
  • Unemployment and redundancy benefit
  • The work of the Manpower Sub-committee
  • Industrial policy
  • Employment Protection Bill

Correspondents include:-

  • Hutt, Prof. W.H. (Bill), University of Dallas, Texas
  • Coombs, Monica
  • Dean, Paul MP, Parliamentary Liaison Committee of the Engineering Employers’ Association
  • Gilbert, Robert
  • Miller, Robert
  • Parkin, Michael, University of Western Ontario
  • Pointon, Dr AJ, Assistant National Secretary, Association of Polytechnic Teachers
  • Reynolds, Burt, Secretary, Action ’75
  • Scoper, N.A., Services Director, Tarmac Construction Limited
  • Trenchard, Viscount, Unilever Ltd
  • Ward, Baroness


  • Review of W.H. Hutt’s The Theory of Collective Bargaining (1975) by Sir Leonard Neal, ND [Aug1975]
  • Report, ‘The Development of Trade Union Militancy on Tarmac’s Brixton Site (Fitzpatrick)’, 26/08/1975 [Author: NAS/DLR]
  • Copy of Waterfront & Industrial Pioneer, Sep 1975
  • Conservative Research Department paper, ‘Increased Numbers and Costs of Public Sector Employment’, 14/11/1975 [Author: DJN/JMR]
  • Conservative Trades Union Department ‘Report of the Chief Registrar on Trades Unions for the Year 1975/75’, ND [cFeb 1976]
  • Report ref. PG17/76/4, ‘The Closed Shop and Individual Freedom’, 24/06/1976 [Author: RHG/LSA]
  • ‘Memorandum on Unemployment and The Arts and Craftwork’, Capt. Jeremy Elwes, 10/08/1976
Aug. 1975-Feb. 1978
KJ 17/6 Correspondence and papers concerning Industrial Relations

Subjects include:-

  • The Government’s response to difficulties faced by Chrysler (UK) Ltd and British Leyland
  • Nationalisation of the ship repairing facilities in South Wales
  • Nationalisation of the Aircraft Industry
  • The European Community’s Leather Production Industry


  • Minutes of a meeting of the Conservative Parliamentary Industry Committee with Sir Ronald Macintosh, Chairman of NEDO, 10/06/1975
  • Pamphlet, The City and industry – an Investors Chronicle Inquiry, 1975
  • Report on the European Community Leather Production, ND
  • Outline Conservative Research Department proposal for the creation of the Nationalised Industries Costs and Efficiency Board (NICE), 08/12/1975
  • Report by Norman Tebbit MP, ‘Industry and Labour Supply’, on behalf of the Industrial Policy Group, 03/03/1976
KJ 17/7 Correspondence mainly between Sir Keith Joseph and Terrence Higgins MP, concerning the proposed setting up of four policy groups within the trade portfolio (Overseas Trade, Company Law, Aviation, and Employee Participation), the Sandilands Report [The Report of the Committee on Inflation Accounting under the chairmanship of Mr. Francis Sandilands, which was published on 04/09/1975 as Cmnd. 6225] and the Japan/EEC trade row Jun 1975-Dec 1976

Committee Papers and Correspondence, 1974-9

KJ 18/1 KJ Committee minutes June 1975-Dec. 1976
KJ 18/2 KJ Committee minutes Dec. 1976-July 1977
KJ 18/3 KJ Committee minutes Oct. 1977-Mar. 1979
KJ 18/4 KJ Committee papers Nov. 1974-Nov. 1976
KJ 18/5 KJ Committee papers Mar. 1977-May 1978
KJ 18/6 KJ Committee papers Sept. 1978-Mar. 1979
KJ 18/7 KJ Committee letter book Nov. 1978-Jan. 1979
KJ 18/8 KJ correspondence Mar. 1975-Apr. 1976
KJ 18/9 KJ correspondence May 1976-Dec. 1977
KJ 18/10 KJ correspondence Jan.-July 1978
KJ 18/11 KJ correspondence Aug. 1978-Mar. 1979
KJ 18/12 Requests for articles; seminar details, etc. Sept. 1974-July 1976

Letter Books, 1975-8

KJ 19/1 KJ letter book Mar.-Aug. 1975
KJ 19/2 KJ letter book Oct. 1975-Oct. 1976
KJ 19/3 KJ letter book Mar.-Dec. 1976
KJ 19/4 KJ letter book Jan. 1977-May 1978

Policy, 1975-6

KJ 20/1 Policy Group reports concerning London 1975-6
KJ 20/2 Policy for London - correspondence with Geoffrey Finsberg 1975-6

National Union, 1975

KJ 21/1 Correspondence with and about the National Union 1975

Northern Ireland, 1975-6

KJ 22/1 Northern Ireland 1975-6

Universities, Outside Helpers and Experts, 1975-8

KJ 23/1 Links with Universities 1975
KJ 23/2 Offers from outside helpers Jan. 1975-Jan. 1976
KJ 23/3 Relations with outside experts Dec. 1975-Apr. 1978

Miscellaneous Issues for Discussion, 1975

KJ 24/1 Miscellaneous issues for discussion with Chris Patten 1975

General Political, 1975-7

KJ 25/1 General Political (includes correspondence with public, CRD, etc.) 1975-7
KJ 25/2 General Political 1975-7

Policy, 1975-7

KJ 26/1 'Further action file': General correspondence

Correspondents include:-

  • Brittan, Leon, Cleveland and Whitby
  • Britto, Keith, Conservative Research Department
  • Dodds-Parker, Sir Douglas
  • Fisher, Henry, President, Wolfson College, Oxford
  • Graesser, Alastair, National Union
  • Howe, Sir Geoffrey, MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Kaye, Sir Emmanuel, Chairman & Governing Director, Lansing Bagnall Ltd
  • Livingstone, Dr JM, University of Strathclyde
  • McIntosh, Ronnie, National Economic Development Office (NEDO)
  • Patten, Chris, Conservative Research Department
  • Stringer, Donald, Greater London Area Agent
  • Thatcher, Margaret

Subjects include:-

  • Informal discussions with chairmen of nationalised industries
  • Staffing of policy sub-committees
  • Party policy on Building Societies
  • Party policy on Transport (cars)
  • Links with industry and the City


  • Article, ‘Prison Service’, Dr JM Livingstone, University of Strathclyde, ND [c. 1975-6]
  • Article, ‘Crime in London’, Dr JM Livingstone, University of Strathclyde, ND [c. 1975-6]
  • Memorandum prepared for Margaret Thatcher by Sir Emmanuel Kaye and Francis Sandilands, concerning policies desired by industry [namely:- Greater progress towards a property-owning democracy; Containment and contraction of the Public Sector; Reform of Taxation; and removal of Government constraints on growth], Oct 1975
  • Analysis of article by Joe Rogaly published in the Financial Times on 30/03/1976 entitled ‘How Scotland could rescue Britain’, 15/04/1976

Oct 1975-Apr 1976
KJ 26/2 Policy Group Lists


  • Alphabetical list of non-parliamentarians for possible inclusion on policy groups, ND [Lists age, occupation, speciality, as well as intellect graded 1-3; includes comments on personality]
  • Alphabetical list of ‘Conservative MPs not on policy groups’, ND
  • Lists of Policy Groups, including sub-groups and chairmen, in existence or in course of formation, as at:-
    • 29/05/1975
    • 01/10/1975
    • 22/10/1975
    • 14/01/1976
    • 28/01/1976
    • 03/02/1976

May 1975-Feb 1976
KJ 26/3 Correspondence with policy group chairmen concerning the composition and progress of their respective policy groups

Correspondents include:-

  • Bower, JTS
  • Boyson, Dr Rhodes, MP for Brent North
  • Brittan, Leon, MP for Cleveland and Whitby
  • Bulmer, Esmond, MP for Kidderminster
  • Dean, Paul, MP for North Somerset
  • Jones, Arthur, MP for Daventry
  • Jopling, Michael, MP for Westmorland
  • Mather, Carol, MP for Esher
  • Neave, Airey, MP for Abingdon
  • Raison, Timothy, MP for Aylesbury
  • Renton, Tim, MP for Mid-Sussex
  • Royle, Sir Anthony, MP for Richmond
  • Shersby, Michael, MP for Uxbridge
  • Warren, Kenneth, MP for Hastings

Concerning the following policy groups:-

  • Short Term Benefits Policy
  • Direct Elections Policy
  • Trade Policy:
    • General Trade and Tariff Affairs sub- committee
    • Company Law sub-committee
    • Aviation Policy sub-committee
    • Sub-committee on Workers’ Participation in Industry
  • Industrial Policy
  • Police
  • Individual Rights and Freedoms Policy
  • Welsh Policy
  • Agriculture Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Education: Voucher sub-committee
  • Water Cycle Policy
  • Job Availability and Protection


  • Preliminary Report of the Industrial Policy Group, 17/07/1975
  • First Interim Report of the Police Policy Group, 23/07/1975
  • Report on Policy Studies by the Conservative Parliamentary Aviation Committee, ND [cJul 1975]
  • Report of the Welsh Policy Group, ND [cJul 1975]
  • Local Government Finance – an Interim Report [ref. LG/31/7/4], ND
  • Interim Report of the Home Ownership and Construction Industry Policy Group [ref. PG/36/75/7], 16/07/1975
  • Interim Report of the Private Rented Sector Policy Group [ref. PG/37/75/7], 16/07/1975
  • The Water Cycle Policy Group: An Interim Report: Scotland, ND [Jul 1975]

Jul-Aug 1975; Aug-Oct 1977
KJ 26/4 Policy groups: Correspondence concerning the structure, formation, terms of reference, administration and progress of policy groups established under the direction of Sir Keith Joseph

[The policy groups were composed primarily of MPs but with outside, mainly academic, advisers as required. Some 70 policy groups were in existence by 1976, serviced by the Conservative Research Department]

Correspondents include:-

  • Atkins, Humphrey, MP, Chief Whip
  • Baker, Kenneth, MP, Chairman, Policy Group on Public Sector Pay and Pensions
  • Biffen, John MP, Energy Policy Group
  • Brittan, Leon, MP for Cleveland and Whitby
  • Buchanan-Smith, Alick, MP for North Angus & Mearns
  • Bulloch, Anne, Conservative Research Department
  • Clarke, Kenneth, MP, Policy Group on Fraud and Abuse of the Social Security system
  • Cooke, Robert, MP for Bristol West
  • Douglas, James, Conservative Research Department
  • Edwards, Nicholas, MP, Welsh Policy Group
  • Forman, Nigel, MP, Conservative Research Department
  • Gilmour, Ian, Shadow Home Secretary
  • Grant, Anthony, Conservative Party Vice-Chairman
  • Hampson, Dr Keith, MP for Ripon
  • Heseltine, Michael, MP, Shadow Industry Secretary
  • Howe, Sir Geoffrey, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Hurd, Douglas, MP for Mid Oxfordshire
  • Jenkin, Patrick, Shadow Secretary of State for Energy
  • Jones, Arthur, MP for Daventry
  • Jopling, Michael, MP for Westmorland
  • Joseph, Sir Keith, MP, Chairman, Advisory Committee on Policy
  • Lane, David, MP, Chairman, Policy Group on Urban Problems
  • Madel, David, MP for South West Bedfordshire
  • Maude, Angus, MP for Stratford-on-Avon
  • Maudling, Reginald, Shadow Foreign Secretary
  • Neave, Airey, MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
  • Oppenheim, Sally, MP for Gloucester
  • Patten, Chris, Director, Conservative Research Department
  • Prior, James, MP for Lowestoft
  • Pym, Francis, MP for Cambridgeshire
  • Raison, Timothy, MP, Shadow Front Bench Spokesman on the Environment
  • Rathbone, Tim, MP, Broadcasting and Communication Policy Group
  • Renton, Tim, MP, Policy Group on Reform of Company Law
  • Ridley, Adam, Conservative Research Department
  • Ridley, Nicholas, Chairman, Policy Group on the relationship with the Nationalised Industries
  • St. John-Stevas, Norman, MP, Shadow Spokesman for Education
  • Steen, Anthony, MP, Conservative Chief Whip
  • Thatcher, Margaret
  • Wall, Patrick, MP for Haltemprice
  • Warren, Kenneth, MP for Hastings
  • Whitelaw, William, MP for Penrith and The Border


  • Submission to the Shadow Cabinet by the Public Sector Policy Group [ref. PG/11/75/4], 18/07/1975
  • Paper, ‘The Nationalised Industries and the Consumer’, Sally Oppenheim, 20/11/1975
  • Paper, ‘The Policy Group Work: an Instant Impression’, James Douglas, 02/03/1976
  • Paper, ‘Review of the Work of the Policy Study Groups’, 15/04/1976
  • Paper (ref. LSC(76)54), ‘The Next Stage of Policy Work’, Sir Keith Joseph and Angus Maude, 21/10/1976

Mar 1975-Aug 1977
KJ 26/5 Policy Preparation papers

Correspondents include:-

  • Bridgehouse, David Pass
  • Churchill, Winston S, MP for Stretford
  • Duncan, Sir Val, Chairman, Rio Tinto-Zinc
  • Falconer, Noel, University of Manchester
  • Johnston, Paul, Political Vice-Chairman, North Somerset Conservative Association
  • Philo, RJ
  • Ridley, AN, Conservative Research Department
  • Stanbrook, Ivor, MP for Orpington
  • Trimby, Larry, South East Area CPC Committee

Subjects include:-

  • Secret ballot for trade union elections
  • Recession and unemployment prospects
  • Electoral reform
  • Value for money in public spending
  • Party leadership
  • Bill of Right
  • Public Expenditure White Paper
  • British Leyland


  • Article by LH Trimby, ‘Financing Local Government’, published in The Accountant, 02/03/1972
  • South East Area CPC Committee response to CPC Contact Brief No. 66 ‘Electoral Reform and Devolution’, Jan 1975
  • South East Area CPC Committee response to CPC Contact Brief No. 67 ‘Economy in Local Government’, Feb 1975
  • Paper, ‘The Public Expenditure White Paper Cmnd. 5879’, AN Ridley, Conservative Research Department, 05/03/1975
  • Report of the Political and Local Government Committee of the North Somerset Conservative Association, May 1975
  • Paper, ‘Operation Bootstrap. British Leyland: an alternative strategy’, ND [no author given]
  • Paper, ‘A view of the Ryder Report’ relating to British Leyland, Noel Falconer, University of Manchester, Jun 1975
  • Paper, ‘A Concept of Decisive Theory’, Noel Falconer, University of Manchester, ND

Jan-Aug 1975
KJ 26/6 Policy Preparation papers

Correspondents include:-

  • Cresswell, Peter
  • Falconer, Noel, University of Manchester
  • Lamont, Norman, MP for Kingston-upon-Thames
  • Redwood, John, All Souls College, Oxford
  • Rodger, Allan AS, Director, Maxwell Stamp Associates Ltd
  • Rosenthal, L, University of Hull
  • Wansbrough, G, Dynalysis Ltd
  • Wilson, Sir Reginald

Subjects include:-

  • Power stations
  • New towns
  • Transport
  • Student loans
  • Council house subsidies
  • Open government
  • Reform of Parliament
  • Nationalised industries


  • Article, ‘Power Supplies: Need for Radical Reform’ by KL Stretch, published in The Engineer, 13/12/1963
  • Paper, ‘The nature of Council House subsidies’, L. Rosenthal, PhD thesis submitted to Essex University, Mar 1975
  • Copy of article, ‘Highways and Guideways’ by Sir Reginald Wilson, published in the Chartered Institute of Transport Journal (vol. 36, no. 12), Sep 1975
  • Paper, ‘The Case for a Policy Group on Open Government’, Norman Lamont MP, Sep 1975
  • Paper, ‘The Case for a Policy Group on the reform of Parliament’, Norman Lamont MP, Sep 1975
  • Papers by Noel Falconer, University of Manchester, ND [Sep 1975]:
    • ‘On Measurements’
    • ‘Political Predictions’
    • ‘Trade-Offs’
    • ‘Thoughts on Escalation’
    • ‘Mines for the Miners’
  • Paper, ‘Student Loans’, Alan Maynard, University of York: evidence submitted to the Committee of Inquiry in Local Government Finance, ND
  • Paper, ‘The economic consequences of the policy of the Lord Senyek’, Prof. Rovi Ecraep, University of Notpmahtuous, Htrae [NB, ‘Senyek = anagram for ‘Keynes’; author = Prof. Ivor Pearce, University of Southampton], ND
  • Paper, ‘Government and the Nationalised Industries’, John Redwood, All Souls College, Oxford, Aug 1975
  • Conservative Research Department paper (ref. LCC/75/82) submitted to Shadow Cabinet, ‘Anxieties about Labour Package’, [Authors: CFP/ANR/MEM], 05/08/1975
  • Paper, ‘Land-take of new towns’, Peter Cresswell, Nov 1975

Jul-Nov 1975; Jan 1977
KJ 26/7 Shadow Cabinet Policy Sub-Committee minutes and papers

[The Shadow Cabinet Policy Sub-Committee was constituted in July 1975 following Sir Keith Joseph's proposal that the work of the various policy groups then in existence should be coordinated by a small sub-committee of the Shadow Cabinet, chaired by him, and including Sir Geoffrey Howe, Ian Gilmour, Lord Carrington, James Prior, Timothy Raison, Norman Fowler and Angus Maude. James Douglas of the Conservative Research Department was initially involved, and Nigel Forman and Adam Ridley of the Research Department acted as joint secretaries of the sub-committee and provided the Secretariat for the policy groups]

Jul 1975-Dec 1977

Regional Policy, 1976

KJ 27/1 Regional Policy 1976

Scotland, 1975-8

KJ 28/1 Scotland 1975-8

Social Services, 1969-78

KJ 29/1 General correspondence and papers concerning the NHS

Correspondents include:-

  • Brown, Sir Edward, MP for Bath
  • Fowler, Norman, MP for Sutton Coldfield
  • Gammon, Dr Max
  • Joseph, Sir Keith, MP for Leeds North East
  • Lamont, Norman, MP for Kingston-upon-Thames

Subjects include:-

  • Royal Commission to consider the best use and management of the NHS
  • Alternative funding of the NHS
  • Research groups set up by Norman Fowler in the Social Services field, encompassing the Conservative Medical Society, the Self-Employed, Social Security abuse, The Elderly, Voluntary Organisations, Mental Health, the Disabled, and the Deaf


  • Interim Report of the Advisory Planning Panel on the History and Financial Aspects of the Health Service, British Medical Association, ND [c.1968]
  • Conservative Research Department paper, ‘The National Health Service: Administration and Finance’, [Author: CEB/JW], 03/06/1969
  • Report, ‘A Summary of a Report on Health Service Financing, prepared by an Advisory Panel of the British Medical Association’, Apr 1970
  • Conservative Central Office press release announcing the creation of the Watch-Dog Group for the Self-Employed, under Paul Dean MP, 19/06/1975
  • Transcript of evidence submitted to the Congressional Ways and Means Committee, Washington DC, by Dr Max Gammon: ‘Some observations on the delivery of health care in Great Britain’, 12/09/1975
  • Transcripts of speeches given by Dr Max Gammon to the Congress of County Medical Societies Inc, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, 13-14/09/1975
  • Extract from World Medicine, 22/10/1975: ‘The NHS is NOT the greatest health service in the world’
  • Press cutting from the Financial Times, 11/11/1975: ‘What the Health Commission should ask’

KJ 29/2 Correspondence concerning the work of the Short-Term Benefits Policy Group and the taxation of short-term benefits

Correspondents include:-

  • Douglas, James, Conservative Research Department
  • Mockler, Christopher, Conservative Research Department


  • Minutes of the Short-Term Benefits Policy Group, 29/11/1977
  • Press cutting, title not known: ‘Tougher Rules for Workshy’ concerning new rules on Australian unemployment benefits, ND [c1976-7]

Apr 1976
KJ 29/3 Correspondence and papers concerning Social Security Policy


  • Correspondence with a member of the public concerning a reported case of benefits fraud, Jun 1975
  • Conservative Research Department paper, ‘Social Security and Irish Immigrants’, John Houston, Irish Desk, 08/07/1975
  • Paper, ‘Fraud and Abuse of the Social Security System’, Kenneth Clarke, Jan 1976
  • Draft letters to Patrick Jenkin and Norman St John Stevas from Keith Joseph requesting papers to be prepared on social security and education respectively, for discussion at the Steering Committee, Feb 1978

Jun 1975-Feb 1978
KJ 29/4 Possible Opposition Commission on the disincentive effects of social security 1975-6
KJ 29/5 Correspondence and papers concerning Social Services Policy

Correspondents include:-

  • Abberley, Mrs L, Secretary, The Institute of Home Help Organisers
  • Baker, Kenneth, MP for St Marylebone
  • Bellairs, Charles, Conservative Research Department
  • Douglas, James, Conservative Research Department
  • Field, Frank, Child Poverty Action Group
  • Halliwell, Rex, Director, Family Service Units
  • Jenkin, Patrick, MP for Wanstead and Woodford, Conservative Spokesman for Social Services
  • Linstead, Sir Hugh
  • Madel, David, MP for South Bedfordshire
  • Mockler, Christopher, Social Services Desk, Conservative Research Department
  • Rogers, Sir Philip
  • Steen, Anthony, MP for Liverpool Wavertree

Subjects include:-

  • Public sector pay and pensions
  • Mobility Allowances and cars for disabled drivers
  • Widows benefits
  • Redundancy payments
  • Fraudulent unemployment benefit claims
  • Home Responsibility Allowance
  • Compulsory occupational pensions
  • The impact of inflation upon Social Services
  • Job Creation Programme


  • ‘Summary of a DHSS Paper, dated January 1974’ [DHSS Paper referred to is not included], Author unknown
  • ‘Summary of a Cabinet Paper, January 1974, covering three alternative Bills for options in connection with supplementary benefit to strikers’ families’, Author unknown
  • Report, ‘Back to the Thirties for the Poor? – Report No. 6: A Reappraisal’, Frank Field, Child Poverty Action Group, ND [c1976]
  • Minutes of a Working Lunch at the Centre for Policy Studies between official of the Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS) and the Conservative Research Department, 03/03/1976
  • Paper, ‘Public expenditure and the Health and Personal Social Services’, Rudolf Klein, 10/05/1976
  • Annotated comments on a ‘McKinsey & Co. Inc’s Document on NHS Re-organisation’ by Sir Philip Rogers [Document commented on is not included], 28/04/1976
  • Minutes of meeting between Keith Joseph and The Institute of Home Help Organisers, 01/10/1975
  • Conservative Research Department paper, ACP(76)4, ‘Social Services Policy, October 1976’, Patrick Jenkin, 27/10/1976
  • Press cuttings from the Birmingham Post, Yorkshire Post, Times and the Sun concerning the Conservatives’ proposed plan to provide rental access to a pool of 40,000 British Leyland Minis to disabled drivers, 11/08/1977
  • Paper, ‘Abuse and unfairness of the Social Security System and Supplementary Benefit for Strikers’ Families’, Kenneth Clarke, ND
  • Photocopies of articles provided to Sir Keith Joseph by the House of Commons Library in June 1975:
    • ‘Same money, better service’ (The Guardian, 16/12/1974)
    • ‘Low Pay Bulletin’, Jan 1975
    • ‘Education: retrenchment is reform’, Tyrell Burgess (New Society, 06/02/1975)
    • ‘Housing: public money and private space’ (New Society, 13/02/1975)
    • ‘Social Work: where people are resources’, Bill Utting (New Society, 20/02/1975)
    • ‘Health: the social cost of doctors’ discretion’, AJ Culyer (New Society, 27/02/1975)
    • ‘Social Security: poverty is the test of policy’, AB Atkinson (New Society, 13/03/1975)
    • ‘Reducing the Poor’s Living Standards at a Stroke: A post-Budget memorandum to the Chancellor of the Exchequer’, Child Poverty Action Group, Apr 1975
    • Report, ‘Back to the Thirties for the Poor? – Report No. 1 on the Living Standards of the Poor in 1975’, Frank Field, Child Poverty Action Group, May 1975
    • HM Treasury and Child Poverty Action Group press releases concerning meeting of Chancellor of the Exchequer Denis Healey’s with representatives of the Child Poverty Action Group, 04/06/1975 and 10/06/1975

1974-May 1978
KJ 29/6 Correspondence on social services with Norman Fowler and Patrick Jenkin June 1975-Feb. 1978

Speeches, 1969-75

KJ 30/1 KJ speeches (drafts) 1969-70
KJ 30/2 Major speeches by Sir Keith Joseph

Includes transcripts of the following speeches, issued in the form of Conservative Central Office press releases:-

  • Preston, 05/09/1974
  • Fairley Hill, Luton, 03/10/1974
  • Grand Hotel, Birmingham, 19/10/1974
  • [617/74] Leeds North East Conservative Association, 14/12/1974
  • [1/75] Olympia Empire Hall, London, 01/01/1975
  • [24/75] North Edinburgh Conservative Association, 10/01/1975
  • Economic Research Council, London, 15/01/1975
  • [72/75] CPC Conference, London, 26/01/1975
  • [117/75] London University Conservative Association, 11/02/1975
  • [154/75] National Viewers and Listeners Convention, Birmingham, 22/02/1975
  • [213/75] National Association of Conservative Graduates, Oxford, 14/03/1975
  • [226/75] Society of Conservative Lawyers, London, 17/03/1975
  • [276/75] Garforth Comprehensive School, Yorkshire, 04/04/1975
  • [299/75] Guild of British Newspapers, Birmingham, 11/04/1975
  • [300/75] Eastern Area Young Conservatives’ Conference, Eastbourne, 12/04/1975
  • [345/75] Streatham, 24/04/1975
  • [419/75] Cathcart Conservative Association, Glasgow, 07/05/1975
  • [453/75] Ealing industrial Group, House of Commons, 13/05/1975
  • [592/75] Oxford Union Cinema, 14/06/1975
  • [613/75] Woolwich West By-Election, 20/06/1975
  • [615/75] Annual Conservative Education Conference, Conservative Central Office, 21/06/1975
  • [702/75] Holborn and St Pancras Conservative Association, London, 02/08/1975
  • [776/75] Stirling University, 18/09/1975
  • [790/75] Preston, 24/09/1975
  • Conservative Party Conference, Oct 1975
  • [1031/75] Oxford Union, 06/12/1975

Sep 1974-Dec 1975

Training, 1975-7

KJ 31/1 Training 1975-7

Transport, 1976

KJ 32/1 Transport 1976

Wales, 1975-7

KJ 33/1 Welsh Policy 1975-7

Young People, 1975-6

KJ 34/1 Correspondence between Keith Joseph and branches of the Young Conservatives

Correspondents include:-

  • Douglas, James, Conservative Research Department
  • Gordon, Jimmy, Youth Director, Youth Department, Conservative Central Office
  • Hughes, Robert G, Senior Vice-Chairman, Greater London Young Conservatives
  • Kerpel, Tony, Chairman, Young Conservative Organisation, Conservative Central Office
  • Mathieson, David, Chairman, Parliamentary and Public Relations Committee, National Association of Probation Officers
  • Page, Robin
  • Patten, Chris, Conservative Research Department
  • Steen, Anthony, MP for Liverpool Wavertree
  • Tugendhat, Christopher, MP for City of London and Westminster South
  • Vanbergen, Richard, Chairman, Westminster Young Conservatives

Subjects include:-

  • Westminster Young Conservatives’ strategy
  • Discussion of Conservative policy prior to formulation of the manifesto
  • Young People and community work
  • Football hooliganism
  • Funding of voluntary organisations


  • Press cutting: ‘A fit challenge for youth’, Daily Telegraph, 16/10/1974
  • Paper, ‘The financial problem of voluntary organisation’, Author unknown, 20/06/1975
  • Report of the Conservative and Christian Democratic Youth Community (COCDYC) seminar in Strasbourg, attended by representatives of the Young Conservatives, 28/07/1975
  • Report, ‘Strategy for Survival’, Richard Vanbergen, Westminster Young Conservatives, ND [Oct 1976]

Oct 1974-Nov 1976

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