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Private Papers

There is a very strong collection of private papers in the Modern Political Papers section of the Library. The Conservative Party Archive consists predominantly of the records of the Party's central organization. However, the Archive does include the private papers of the following Conservative figures:

CPP/KJ: Keith Joseph
Papers of Keith Joseph, Secretary of State for Health and Social Services (1970-1974) and Chairman of the Centre for Policy Studies (1974-1979), 1969-1979

CPP/MF: Michael Fraser
Papers of Michael Fraser, Director of the Conservative Research Department (1959-1964) and Deputy Party Chairman (1964-1975), 1929-1976

CPP/RAB: R.A. Butler
Papers of R.A. Butler, Chairman of the Conservative Research Department (1945-1961) and Party Chairman (1959-61), 1937-1967

[Uncatalogued]: Shirley Mathews (nee Stotter)
Papers of Shirley Mathews (nee Stotter), Deputy Central Office Agent for the East Midlands (1983-1986); National Assistant Director Campaigning, Conservative Central Office (1986-1997), with special responsibility for the youth wing of the Party (1986-1988); Co-director of CCO Conference Ltd, which organised the Spring Forum and annual Party Conferences(1999-2005), 1960s-2005

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