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Table of Contents

Butler's Personal Correspondence, 1937-44
Butler's Personal files on Education Bill, 1941-5
Butler's Personal Files on India, 1940-5
Butler Correspondence, 1946-7
Butler Speech Notes, 1956-60
R.A. Butler letterbooks, 1947-52
Miscellaneous, 1952-67

Papers of R.A. Butler, 1937-67

Papers of R.A. Butler, Chairman of the Conservative Research Department (1945-61) and Chairman of the Conservative Party Organisation (1959-61), 1937-67

Shelfmarks: RAB 1-21

Extent: 37 shelfmarks

Organisational History

Richard Austen Butler, Baron Butler of Saffron Walden (1902-1982) was Chairman of the Conservative Research Department, 1945-61, and Chairman of the Conservative Party Organisation, 1959-61. Details are given in the Dictionary of National Biography.

Scope and Content

Although R.A. Butler's private papers are in Trinity College, Cambridge, because of his role as Chairman of the Conservative Research Department (1945-61) and Chairman of the Conservative Party Organisaion (1959-61), the CPA contains a small collection of his papers. The bulk of the collection is from his years as President of the Board of Education (1941-44) and Minister of Education (1944-5). This includes correspondence and files on the Education Act of 1944. Other papers from this period include correspondence on India.

The collection includes boxes (RAB 6-20) of outgoing correspondence (1946-61) which has been arranged chronologically, and finally a box of speech notes from his period as Home Secretary (1956-61). The Education files, the India files and speech notes contain detailed contents lists at the beginning of each file. Also see CRD 2/32/1-18 for the Post-War ProbleMS. Sub-Committee on Education.

Restrictions on Access

General access conditions apply to this material.

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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Conservative Party Archive [followed by shelfmark, e.g. RAB 1/1].

Related Material

R.A. Butler's private papers are held by Trinity College, Cambridge and can be accessed via the online catalogue of Trinity's Butler holdings.

Other papers relating to Butler in the Bodleian Library are as follows.

Correspondence with J.C.C. Davidson, 1932-35

Letters to and from Lionel Curtis, 1932-53

Copies of letters from William Rea, 1933-4

Letters to and from, 1938-42

Correspondence with the 3rd Earl of Selborne, 1942-5

Copies of letters to and from, 1942-8

Lettters to and from Lord Simon, 1942-51

Correspondence with Lord Woolton, 1944-61

Note of Conversation with Lord Pethwick-Lawrence, 1945 - MSS. Attlee dep 27 fol 255

Quotation from 1947 - MSS. Attlee dep 61 fol 125

Letters to and from Attlee 1948

Letters to Lady Emmet, 1948-55

Letters to Sir George Hamilton, 1951-3 - MSS. Eng lett c. 271 fols 104-6

Photograph of Encaenia, 1952 - MS. Top Oxon c. 635 fols 6-7

Letter to O.G.S. Crawford, 1957 - MS. Crawford 56 fol 131

Letter to Dr. Frank Hardie, 1966 - MS. Eng lett c. 460 fol 53

Letter to and from Walter Moncton, n.d. - Index available from the Special Collections Reading Room (SCRR)

Personal names (NCA Rules)

Butler | Richard Austen | 1902-1982 | Baron Butler of Saffron Walden | statesman

Corporate names (NCA Rules)

Conservative Party | Conservative Research Department
Conservative Party | Organisation Department
Great Britain | Board of Education

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Subjects (LCSH)


Butler's Personal Correspondence, 1937-44

RAB 1/1 Personal Correspondence 1937-44

Butler's Personal files on Education Bill, 1941-5

RAB 2/1 Personal Education Papers Sept. 1943-May 1945
RAB 2/2 White Paper on Education Reconstruction, 1943; Cmd. 6458: Correspondence Dec. 1942-Dec. 1943
RAB 2/3 Education Bill, 1943; Correspondence Oct. 1943-July 1944
RAB 2/4 Education - general correspondence Oct. 1943-June 1944
RAB 2/5 Education Act, 1944; Correspondence Aug. 1944-Sept. 1944
RAB 2/6 Confidential notes regarding Education Bill Nov. 1942-Apr. 1943
RAB 2/7 Documents submitted to the War Cabinet regarding Education Bill 1942-4
RAB 2/8 Education interviews and notes Aug. 1941-Apr. 1945
RAB 2/9 Official interview notes on Education Reconstruction: The Dual System Sept. 1942-Apr. 1943
RAB 2/10 Presidents Interview Notes Nov. 1941-May 1944

Butler's Personal Files on India, 1940-5

RAB 3/1 Correspondence with Professor Gupta 1940-5
RAB 3/2 Personal Correspondence Sept. 1941-Dec. 1943
RAB 3/3 Personal Correspondence Mar. 1944-May 1945
RAB 3/4 Confidential Papers on India 1944
RAB 3/5 Correspondence with A.K. Pilai and series of publications of the Radical Democratic Party Apr. 1944-May 1945

Butler Correspondence, 1946-7

RAB 4/1 Butler correspondence (index in box) Oct. 1946-Mar. 1947

Butler Speech Notes, 1956-60

RAB 5/1 Speech notes 1956-60
RAB 5/2 The Prime Minister's Speech notes 1956-60
RAB 5/3 Miscellaneous Speech notes 1956
RAB 5/4 Miscellaneous Speech notes 1957-60

R.A. Butler letterbooks, 1947-52

RAB 6 Letterbooks Apr.-Sept. 1947
RAB 7 Letterbooks Oct. 1947-Feb. 1948
RAB 8 Letterbooks Mar.-June 1948
RAB 9 Letterbooks July-Nov. 1948
RAB 10 Letterbooks Dec. 1948-Apr. 1949
RAB 11 Letterbooks May-Oct. 1949
RAB 12 Letterbooks Dec. 1949-Mar. 1950
RAB 13 Letterbooks Apr.-Aug. 1950
RAB 14 Letterbooks Sept.-Dec. 1950
RAB 15 Letterbooks Jan.-Apr. 1951
RAB 16 Letterbooks May-Aug. 1951
RAB 17 Letterbooks Sept.-Dec. 1951
RAB 18 Letterbooks Jan.-June 1952

Miscellaneous, 1952-67

RAB 19/1 R.A. Butler oddments 1952
RAB 19/2 R.A. Butler oddments 1953
RAB 19/3 R.A. Butler oddments 1954
RAB 19/4 R.A. Butler oddments 1955
RAB 19/5 R.A. Butler oddments 1956
RAB 20/1 R.A. Butler oddments 1957
RAB 20/2 R.A. Butler oddments 1958
RAB 20/3 R.A. Butler oddments 1959
RAB 20/4 R.A. Butler oddments 1960-61
RAB 21/1 Presentation to Lord Butler 1965
RAB 21/2 Draft typescript of chapters of biography of Lord Butler of Saffron Walden, covering the period 1945-1951, by Robin Allen 1967
RAB 21/3 Robin Allen's research notes for R.A. Butler's memoirs 1966-1967

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