Catalogue of the O'Donnell lectures in Celtic Studies, University of Oxford, 1955-90

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O'Donnell lectures in Celtic Studies, University of Oxford, 1955-90

Series of lectures in Celtic Studies, manuscript, typescript, word-processed and printed, many of the typescript versions with manuscript additions or corrections

Shelfmarks: MSS. Eng. c. 7028, d. 3536

Extent: 2 shelfmarks

Organizational History

At the request of Charles James O'Donnell, the subject of the O'Donnell lectures can be British or Celtic elements in the English language or in the existing population of England. The first O'Donnell lecturer was J.R.R. Tolkien, who was appointed in 1954.


Transferred from the English Faculty Library, University of Oxford, c.1995.

Preferred Form of Citation

Oxford, Bodleian Library [followed by shelfmark and folio or page reference, e.g. MS. Eng. c. 7028, fols. 1-2].

Personal names (NCA Rules)

O'Donnell | Charles James | 1850-1934 | Indian administrator

Corporate names (NCA Rules)

University of Oxford

Subjects (LCSH)

Celtic philology
Civilization, Celtic
Lectures and lecturing

Descriptive List

O'Donnell lectures, 1955-76
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 7028
Extent: i + 440 leaves

Scope and Content:


  • (fols. 1-23) J.R.R. Tolkien, 'English and Welsh', (photocopy, from Angles and Britons (Cardiff, 1963), 1-41), 1955
  • (fols. 24-48) William Rees, 'The Evolution of the Welsh Border', 1960
  • (fols. 49-96) Nora Chadwick, 'The Celtic Background of Early Anglo-Saxon England', 1960-1
  • (fols. 97-115) J. De Vries, 'Germanic and Celtic Heroic Traditions', 1962
  • (fols. 116-58) Rachel Bromwich, 'Matthew Arnold and Celtic Literature: a Retrospect', 1964
  • (fols. 159-86) H.P.R. Finberg, 'Saint Patrick at Glastonbury', 1966
  • (fols. 187-210) J.N.L. Myres, 'The Conflict of Religions in Dark-Age Britain', 1967
  • (fols. 211-55) D.A. Binchy, 'Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Kingship', 1968
  • (fols. 256-66) E.M. Jope, 'Masterworks of Early Celtic Art in Britain', 1968-9
  • (fols. 267-97) Melville Richards, 'The People and Places of the Early Welsh Church', 1970
  • (fols. 298-315) M. Dillon, 'The Irish Settlements in Wales', 1970-1
  • (fols. 316-29) G. Dumézil, 'Nechtan and Neptune', 1971
  • (fols. 330-63) C.A.R. Radford, 'The Earliest Churches in Britain, Ireland and England', 1973
  • (fols. 364-79) R.L. Thomson, 'British Latin and English History: Nennius and Asser', 1974
  • (fols. 380-407) Kathleen Hughes, 'The Celtic Church: Is This a Valid Concept?', 1975
  • (fols. 408-440) Bo Almqvist, 'Celtic and Scandinavian Folklore Contacts in the Earldom of Orkney', 1976

O'Donnell lectures, 1977-90
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. d. 3536
Extent: 424 leaves

Scope and Content:


  • (fols. 1-69) L. Fleuriot, 'Brittonic and Gaulish During the First Centuries A.D.', 1977
  • (fols. 70-135) David N. Dumville, 'England and the Celtic World in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries', 1978
  • (fols. 136-62) Patrick Sims-Williams, 'Some Sources for Anglo-British Relations in the Sixth Century', 1982
  • (fols. 163-94) Wendy Davies, 'Patterns of Power in Early Wales', 1983
  • (fols. 195-207) Barry Cunliffe, 'The Sanctuary of Sulis Minerva at Bath: a brief review', c.1985 and (fols. 204-7) an offprint of 'Social and Economic Contacts Between Western France and Britain in the early and Middle La Tène Period', 1990
  • (fols. 208-45) Alfred Bammesberger, 'Some Problems of Verbal Stem-formation in Celtic', including (fols. 244b-c) two over-head projector sheets, 1985
  • (fols. 246-78) D. Thomson, 'Scottish Gaelic Poetry', 1986
  • (fols. 279-341) J.N. Jacobs, 'Celtic Saga and the Contexts of Old English Elegiac Poetry', 1987
  • (fols. 342-63) lectures by Barry Raftery, 1989
    • (fols. 342-54) 'The Social and Cultural Background to Celtic Art'
    • (fols. 355-63) 'Pagan Celtic Art in Ireland'
  • (fols. 364-422) Jenny Wormald, 'The Conception of Scottish Kingship and the Rebirth of Britain', 1990

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