Catalogue of papers of Sir Michael Ernest Sadler, 1901-c.1961

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Table of Contents

A    Lecture notes and speeches, typescript and manuscript, 1911-35, n.d.
B    Printed lectures and speeches, correspondence and miscellaneous papers, 1901-c.1961

Papers of Sir Michael Ernest Sadler, 1901-c.1961

Copies of lectures and talks, correspondence and printed works, 1901-c.1961, of Sir Michael Ernest Sadler (1861-1943), educational pioneer.

Shelfmarks: MSS. Eng. c. 7116-18

Extent: 3 shelfmarks

Biographical History

Sir Michael Ernest Sadler (1861-1943) was educated at Rugby and Christ Church, Oxford. In 1885 he was appointed secretary of the extension lectures sub-committee of the Oxford University Examinations Delegacy. During his tenure the quantity and scope of lectures increased enormously. In 1895 he was appointed director of the office of special inquiries and reports in the Department of Education, where he produced reports on educational policy and practice at home and abroad, and advised the government on the development of educational policy. In 1903 he accepted the post of lecturer in education at the University of Manchester. During this period he produced reports on secondary education needs for nine local education authorities. In 1911 he became Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leeds, remaining there until 1923 when he accepted the mastership of University College, Oxford. See Dictionary of National Biography.

Scope and Content

The papers mainly consist of copies of lectures and speeches relating to education in England and Germany, with some printed papers on education and a small amount of correspondence.

Custodial History

Given to Professor J. Sislian by Harry Higginson.


Given by Professor J. Sislian, 1986.

Preferred Form of Citation

Oxford, Bodleian Library [followed by shelfmark and folio or page reference, e.g. MS. Eng. c. 7116, fols. 1-2].

Related Material

A description of Sadler's papers can be found in M. Clapinson and T.D. Rogers, Summary Catalogue of Post-Medieval Western Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. Acquisitions 1916-1975 (Oxford, 1991), vol. I, nos. 44179-216. See also lecture notes and diary entries, 1910-40, MS. Eng. d. 3530 in miscellaneous papers acquired singly; the catalogue of notebooks and correspondence relating to the German education system, 1897-1938, MSS. Eng. hist. c. 1094, Eng. misc. c. 906; and diaries, 1899-1902 (MSS. Eng. c. 7129-30, d. 3616-22).

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Sadler | Sir | Michael Ernest | 1861-1943 | Knight | educational pioneer and art patron

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Subjects (LCSH)

Comparative education
Education -- England
Education -- Germany
Education, Secondary

A   Lecture notes and speeches, typescript and manuscript, 1911-35, n.d.

Shelfmarks: MSS. Eng. c. 7116-17

Lecture notes and speeches, many on Germany and its education system, 1911-15
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 7116
Extent: 239 leaves

Scope and Content:


  • (fols. 1-13) 'The increase of the powers of the state and of the local authorities in English education (1850-1910)', duplicated typescript, c.1911
  • (fols. 14-17) 'German education - Memoranda of a conversation with Dr. J.W. Jones at Withington', typescript, 12 Jan. 1911
  • (fols. 18-34) 'The state and English education', typescript, Jan. 1911
  • (fols. 35-7) 'German education 1800-1910', typescript copy of a preface to a lecture, 10 Mar. 1911
  • (fols. 38-48) 'Notes for meeting at St. John's College, Battersea', notes for a talk on the growth of elementary education in England, 1800-1910, typescript and holograph, 27 June 1911
  • (fols. 49-66) 'German education in the nineteenth century', duplicated typescript, 1911
  • (fols. 67-83) 'Education and the state', typescript copy of a paper given at the North of England Education Conference, 6 Jan. 1912
  • (fols. 84-6) 'The states of mind in English education', typescript copy of a talk given at Leeds Modern School, 23 July 1912
  • (fols. 87-9) typescript 'notes for introduction to Mr Ingham's book on Jaques-Dalcroze', Sept. 1912
  • (fols. 90-6) 'The influence of France and Germany in English education', typescript copy of lecture given to the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, 22 Oct. 1912
  • (fols. 97-101) 'Pestalozzi and the counter-revolution', holograph draft and typescript copy of a lecture given at Leeds University, 15 Mar. 1913
  • (fols. 102-120) 'Social organisation and public service. Lecture III. The state and public health', typescript lecture notes, 20 May 1913
  • (fols. 121-4) 'Lawyers and education', typescript copy of a speech given to the Leeds Law Students' Society dinner, 3 Dec. 1913
  • (fols. 125-42) holograph draft of Modern Germany and the Modern World (London, 1914)
  • (fols. 143-6) 'A German professor on England', duplicated typescript of a speech given to a public meeting in Batley, 5 Oct. 1914
  • (fols. 147-50) 'German and English education', duplicated typescript of a speech given to the Leeds Head Teachers' Association, 29 Oct. 1914
  • (fols. 151-8) 'Education in England. English and Prussian education: the parting of the ways', two typescript copies of a lecture given to the Harrogate Literary Society, 24 Nov. 1914
  • (fols. 159-66) 'The rights and wrongs of German education in the light of the war', holograph draft of a lecture, Dec. 1914
  • (fols. 167-87) 'Treitschke and the war', typescript copy of a paper read at the Sowerby Division Conference of Youth, 16 Jan. 1915
  • (fols. 188-93) 'Is it right to fight the Germans?', typescript copy of a speech given to the Spen Valley Recruiting Committee, Heckmondwike, 10 Feb. 1915
  • (fols. 194-203) 'What should be the connexion between government and the universities?', typescript, 13 Sept. 1915
  • (fols. 204-14) 'The educational task of England after the war', typescript copy of a paper presented to the Leicester Education Committee, 29 Sept. 1915
  • (fol. 215) 'The universities and the empire', typescript summary of a lecture given at King's College, 27 Oct. 1915
  • (fols. 216-27) 'If the Germans won...?', holograph notes and copy of a speech given at Batley Hippodrome, 31 Oct. 1915
  • (fols. 228-39) 'English education after the war', holograph notes and a typescript copy of a speech given to the Bradford Textile Society, 8 Nov. 1915

Lectures notes and speeches, including many on the history of education in England and in Germany, 1916-35, n.d.
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 7117
Extent: 241 leaves

Scope and Content:


  • (fols. 1-7) 'Contrasts between German and English education', typescript, 13 Jan. 1916
  • (fols. 8-19) 'The appeal of the National Mission to children', typescript copy of a speech given at the Church Institute, Leeds, 11 Oct. 1916
  • (fols. 20-3) 'Allotments and the food supply', duplicated typescript of a paper presented to the Conference on Allotments, Leeds, 23 Nov. 1916
  • (fols. 24-38) 'Parallel movements in German and English education since the beginning of the war', typescript copy of an article published in Indian Education, Nov. 1917
  • (fols. 39-60) 'The strength and weakness of German education', typescript, c.1917
  • (fols. 61-84) 'The heart of education', typescript copy of a paper presented to the York Education Conference, 11-12 Nov. 1919
  • (fols. 85-95) 'The conscience clauses in English schools of various types', typescript report, June 1921
  • (fols. 96-108) 'Education in England. The English public schools and public spirit', typescript, Sept. 1921
  • (fols. 109-19) 'Educational outlook', holograph speech, 22 Nov. 1927
  • (fols. 120-6) 'The English philosophy of education', typescript, c.1931
  • (fol. 127) 'Dr. George Kerschensteiner' duplicated typescript of part of an obituary written for The Times, Jan. 1932
  • (fols. 128-66) 'English education in the eighteenth century', duplicated typescript lecture notes for 'Oxford summer vacation course for American women graduates and teachers', 9 July 1932
  • (fols. 167-72) 'The new Germany and peace', copy of a book review, duplicated typescript, c.1933
  • (fols. 173-7) 'Democracy and an elite', typescript copy of a speech delivered to the Leeds Luncheon Club, 12 Feb. 1934
  • (fols. 178-82) typescript copy of an address to the Public Health Congress, London, 20 Nov. 1934
  • (fols. 183-210) 'The spiritual elements in education', duplicated typescript copy of part of the Winifred Mercier Memorial Lecture, 10 Nov. 1935
  • (fols. 211-27) 'The history of education', typescript lecture notes, n.d.
  • (fols. 228-31) 'The new movement in education', typescript speech delivered at Leyton Town Hall, n.d.
  • (fols. 232-7) 'German influence in English education', duplicated typescript, n.d.
  • (fols. 238-41) 'German education in the nineteenth century. Developments in higher secondary education in southern Germany and Austria from 1870 onwards', typescript, n.d.

B   Printed lectures and speeches, correspondence and miscellaneous papers, 1901-c.1961

Shelfmarks: MS. Eng. c. 7118

Printed lectures and speeches, correspondence and miscellaneous papers, 1901-c.1961
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 7118
Extent: 195 leaves

Scope and Content:


  • (fols. 1-141) printed lectures and speeches by Sadler, including extracts from books, offprints and cuttings, 1901-41
    • (fols. 1-38) 'A contrast between German and American ideals in education', photocopy of pp. 433-70 from an unidentified work, 1901
    • (fols. 39-43) 'Dr. Hayman at Rugby', pp. 175-83 of The Olavian, Oct. 1904
    • (fols. 44-52) M.E. Sadler, 'The new work of Sibford School', offprint from The Friends' Quarterly Examiner, 20 June 1907
    • (fols. 53-4) Professor M.E. Sadler and Mr H. Bompas Smith, 'The English scholarship system: its principles and results' (Leicester, 1907)
    • (fols. 55-69) F. Buisson (ed.), Dictionnaire de pedagogie et d'instruction primaire (1908), pp. 50-78, including an article by Sadler, 'Angleterre'
    • (fols. 70-5) M.E. Sadler, The present trend of educational thought in England (Fulham Educational Council, 1909)
    • (fols. 76-80) M.E. Sadler, 'Education in England', pp. 147-56 of Indian Education Nov. 1917
    • (fols. 81-8) Sir Michael Sadler, 'A nineteenth century experiment in education: the work of Matthew and Rowland Hill' c.1923
    • (fols. 89-106) photocopy of Sir Michael Sadler, 'A liberal education for all' (League of Industry, [1932])
    • (fols. 107-14) Sir Michael E. Sadler, 'The Mather Lecture: Liberal Education and Modern Business', offprint from The Journal of the Textile Institute, vol. XXIII, no. 5, 1932
    • (fols. 115-41) Michael E. Sadler, 'Juncta Disjuncta', newspaper cuttings of a series of articles published in The Times Educational Supplement, 1941
  • (fols. 142-73) correspondence, 1907-39, including
    • (fols. 145-6) typescript letter from Ronald Montagu Burrows, 1912
  • (fols. 174-95) miscellaneous papers, 1907-c.1961, including
    • (fols. 181-90) review of Sadler's contribution to Indian education, c.1952
    • (fols. 191-5) 'Sadler bibliography available in the Department of Education and Science', c.1961

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