Proceedings of ICSU Press Workshop


Economics, real costs and benefits of electronic publishing in science - a technical study.

Keble College, University of Oxford UK
31 March to 2 April 1998

Editorial Preface

Dennis Shaw and David Price

Executive Summary

Roger Elliott and Dennis Shaw - "An Executive Summary Report"


The following papers have been received:

Roger Elliott - "Introduction to Workshop: Objectives and Methodology"

Session 1 : Benefits (and disadvantages) of electronic publishing in science

Fytton Rowland - "Benefits of e.p. - the librarian's viewpoint"

A.F.Spilhaus Jr. - "Values, limits and progress"

Anant Parekh - "Electronic Publishing in Science - a View of a Scientist-Author"

Bernard Donovan - "Peer review - methods and costs"

William H Mischo - "Archiving Issues Connected with Electronic Publishing: A Case Study within a Digital Library Project."


Session 2 : Economics factors and costs analyses of online access to primary scientific research and databases

Donald F King - "Economic cost model of scientific scholarly journal publishing"

John Scott - "The Perils of Oversimplification: What are the Real Costs of Online Journals?"

Owen Hanson & Robert O'Shea - "The hidden costs of electronic publishing"

Gary VandenBos - "Economic aspects of an all-electronic journal"

Virginia Cano - "Information Literacy? The Emergence of a Market for Electronic Publishing: the case of Latin America" (Under review)

David Pullinger - "Some observations and conclusions" (Under review)


Session 3 : Communicated papers

Susan Knapp - "Economic aspects of mounting a full-text database vs. Selling electronic subscriptions"

Vitaly Nechitailenko - " Technology of electronic publishing in geophysics"

Atilio Bustos - "The Visibility Principle in Scientific Electronic Journals"

Knud Thomsen - "The ITER H-mode Confinement Data Base Activity 1989-1998." (PDF file of presentation)

Abel Laerte Packer - "SciELO - Methodology for the preparation, storage, dissemination and evaluation of scientific electronic journals"


Session 4 : Reports of Working Group Discussions

Report of Group One - Anthony Watkinson

Report of Group Two - Glyn Jones

Report of Group Three - Ian Butterworth


Session 5: Conclusion of Workshop

Concluding Remarks - Roger Elliott

The remaining papers will be published when they are received and confirmed.


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