These journals are available for searching. Clicking on a title allows a standard search, or a fuzzy search.

There are several ways to search the journals. The full text or various indexes may be provided. The indexes may contain subject, author or title references. Not all options are available for each title and it is not possible to search across several journals at once. The Help page shows the available search options.

Full-text searching can be done via text which is automatically generated from the page images by an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process. However, the process is not completely accurate. It may misread "Manchester" as "Manc~~ster" so a standard search will not always find an OCR word even though it appears in the original journal. For this reason another search engine uses "fuzzy matching" techniques to improve search results. Fuzzy matching will find a string of letters that nearly match the search term.

Using fuzzy matching successfully needs thought and care to avoid confusing results. For example, a simple search for "Manchester" will find Manchester, but a fuzzy search may return Manchester, Manc~~ster, Mansfield and Worcester. The EFS fuzzy matching search engine is provided by Leeds University.

Your comments are very welcome, and may be submitted to Thaddeus Lipinski at Oxford.