Papers on ILEJ

  • Annual Report (August 1997)
  • Appendix I
    The Annual Report to eLib. Appendix I gives a detailed description of the scanning, OCR and image conversion processes based on experience gained at Manchester and Leeds.
  • Internet Library of Early Journals, Emly, M and Jupp, W.
    Paper presented at the ELVIRA Conference at de Montfort University, April 1997. In: Electronic Library and Visual Information Research - ELVIRA 4 : Proceedings of the 4th UK/International Conference on Electronic Library and Visual Information Research (eds. C. Davies and A. Ramsden) London. Aslib, 1997, pp. 167-176.
  • Conservation by numbers three years on: an update on digital imaging at Oxford, Gartner, R.
    Microform and Imaging Review
    , Vol 26 No 4, Fall 1997 - ISBN 3-598-01099-0 ISSN 0949-5770, pp 147-151.