Search in simplified characters or pinyin romanisation.

A "word" means any consecutive string of Chinese characters or pinyin syllables within a title. For example, min su / di tu ce / kang you wei. (It doesn't matter whether you aggregate syllables or not - minsu / dituce / kang youwei will also work).

For a quick and reliable way to search, use one or more title words and the author's surname. Eg words tai ping + xi jian and author liu will find tai ping tian guo xi jian shi liao san zhong edited by liu yan yuan.

To avoid finding records containing zhong hua ren min when searching for the word hua ren, search for hua ren but not zhong hua. Another example: to avoid finding zhong guo wen xue when searching for guo wen, search for guo wen but not zhong guo.

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