'Scoping the Future of the University of Oxfordís Digital Library Collections '

Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Final Report

Stuart D. Lee

Table of Contents

Abbreviations and acronyms
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Methodology
4. Studies of National and International Initiatives
5. Current Activities in Oxford
6. Potential Collections for Digitization
7. The Way Forward: Co-ordinating Oxfordís Digital Activities
8. Oxfordís Digital Library Services: A New Model
9. Implementing the ODLS
10. Conclusion
11. Summary of Recommendations

Appendix A: Oxford Digitization Service Business Plan and Model

Appendix B: Decision Matrices and Workflows (PDF files)

Appendix C: Interview Sheets

Appendix D: Prioritized List of Collections for Digitization (Restricted)

Appendix E: Digitization Methods

Appendix F: Exemplar Business Plan and Model for the ODLS

Appendix G: Assessment Criteria for Digitization

Appendix H: Metadata

Appendix I: Copyright

Appendix J: Costed Collections