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Chandra Shum Shere Manuscripts

A collection of over 6000 manuscripts, mainly in Sanskrit purchased by the A.A. Macdonell, the Boden Professor of Sanskrit, from the collection of a Pandit in Benares. A.A. Macdonell visited the Benares collection on a trip to India in 1907 and bought a number of the Pandit's manuscripts with the help of money from the Max Muller Memorial Fund. On his return, he informed Bodley's Librarian, E.W.B. Nicholson, that he had been offered the whole collection for 10,000 rupees (£666.6.8d). He informed the Librarian that the collection contained a number of old and rare manuscripts and urged him to purchase them for the Bodleian.

Lord Curzon, at that time Chancellor of Oxford University, persuaded the Maharajah Sir Cahndra Shum Shere, Prime Minister of Nepal, to purchase the collection and donate it to the Bodleian Library in 1909.

For further information about the collection see the General Editor's preface to vol. 1 of the catalogue.


The catlogue for this collection is still in progress under the general editorship of Jonathan Katz. The collection has been divided into broad subject classes each of which will be taken by individual scholars with expertise in the subject. A catalogue volume will be produced for each of the broad subject classes. Published so far:- Vol. 1 Jyotihsastra



Fraser Collection

A collection of Persian and Sanskrit manuscripts which belonged to James Fraser (d. 1754), an East India Company employee. The Radcliffe Trustees purchased them from his widow in 1758 and handed them over to the Bodleian in 1872. It is said that most of these manuscripts once belonged to the Royal Library at Ispahan.


The Fraser manuscripts appear in Aufrecht's catalogue.