WWCC Supporters

Karen Steinhardt


A great cook, friend and mother to many of us, Karen has spent more time than is reasonable feeding and changing West Witney Cricket Club. A professional child psychologist she is ideally suited to dealing with a bunch of overgrown children. No one has established whether she actually likes cricket though she certainly hates football. She is a bit of a loony behind the wheel and likes nothing better than to head off-road, scattering wildlife before her. She refuses to take Martin's surname on the grounds it's just too silly. Her German/Scottish roots make her an obvious target for racial abuse.

Zoe Preston


Married to Paddy. Sister-in-law to Andrew. Friend to all the team.

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Tersia van Vuuren


Married to Ben. Keen supporter of the club.

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Jenny Gilham

Jenny   AKA Jen.

Without Jenny, the Gil would have been half the legend he was. A literally ever-present companion at cricket grounds around the county and on tour, Jen is the Gil's rock. Her interest in the game itself is transitory, preferring the paper, a chat and a half or two of bitter to anything happening on the pitch. An articulate, intelligent and sensible person she is good company. She was also prepared to make the tea for us for years. Thanks Jen.

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